Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep17 : Edouard Meylan Moser, Cie Watches, [Switzerland]

Interview with Edouard Meylan Moser

Edouard Meylan is an entrepreneur, in common with the company founder, Heinrich Moser. Today, H. Moser & Cie. is supported by Roger Nicholas Balsiger, Heinrich Moser’s great-grandson, as Honorary Chairman. The industrial and commercial development of the Schaffhausen region was close to the heart of Heinrich Moser, and H. Moser & Cie. plans to continue this support of the local community for generations to come.


Well it's a brand created about two hundred years ago, by an amazing man, Konrad Moser, one
of the biggest entrepreneur in Switzerland. We took over with my family; eighteen months ago
and I've been appointed CEO twelve months ago, so it's been for me a big challenge, an
amazing opportunity and a brand that I really dream of bringing to the next level. 01:12

Big dreams, study in the log, his father, his grandfather, we were the town's watchmakers, so
you can find clocks from the Moser family everywhere in the region. The vision that the future
of the watch industry was in Russia, he went at the age of twenty-one to Russia on a horse and
walking and took him months, ride there, repair the watch for the star, became extremely
successful, came back to Switzerland, extremely rich, created the first hydro- mechanical dam
under Ryan River, industrialized the entire region around Tratosan roads, a brand like IWC
,Tratosan had helped Mr. Jones set up in International Watch Company. 01:55

Between 1990 and 2005, the brand was a bit snippy and then three entrepreneurs re launched it
including the great grandson of Heinrich Moser and Roger Batchika and is today our honoree
chairman and we still have the family involved in its old story. 02:20


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

We call it the little pearl of Tratosan. It has an amazing story. It's very ingenious products. It
has a beautiful small manufacturer. We have fifty people. We produce everything in our
movements including air springs, including escapements and it's very strategic for us as a
famiily,with the objective of creating a small group of independent brands, it's obviously giving
us the independence we need. 02:51


Inspiration is very pocket watches, we have 2.5 hertz movement, most of them are hand wound,
very elegant, very pure design, a little bit of a German touch. We're on the border with
Germany. Half of our watchmakers come from Germany, very interesting approach of watch
making, very, very elegant and well regarded by collectors, also because of the functions.
There's no revolution by Moser, it's just doing things that maybe others have done, but in a
smarter way. 03:24


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Celcius [Watch Phone] was really start up, was a lot of fighting, lot of an amazing opportunity
and great learning curve, big investments in terms of technology and mechanics, a great team
and they continuing developing it. I'm an engineer, I love products, I love talking to
watchmakers, I love talking to constructors to develop these and we have an amazing team of
young people, extremely motivating and we're building and producing everything we sell, so it's
an all new dimension for me. 04:01

When I arrived there I had a feeling I was in a museum with a lot of faces around me and I felt
like, you know, be careful how you move because you can destroy those beautiful faces. So it
takes time in the beginning to really understand what is the brand, what is the value, so many
passions behind this brand and obviously, everybody knows what we should do with it. So it's a
bit of a challenge to find our own way with, you know, building on what exist. 04:29

There is a beautiful biography about him, about what he did, how he lived, what his values
were, there are beautiful sentences from him, the letters he wrote about quality,about how to
treat people, how to manage people, how to work with the people around him. I think that's the
most important part. We have historical watches that we use as inspirations, but obviously so,
we need to bring our own touch, you know, my great grandfather was involved in Moser in
1914. There is a link somewhere and it's, you know, the watchmaking is a big family, there is a
cycle, I'm sure if Hinez Moser was to look at the watches we're producing today, he would be
really happy. 05:12


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No, I grew up in De Valley De Jura and my father was involved with AP, my cousins wear
many different brands, so I have inspirations from all sides and Celsius was a very interesting
experience. I was looking at the new category and I understand how difficult it is to build a new
category and how expensive it is. Now I come to realize that today the business is going really
less and less extravagant. Maybe more going back to the legends fantasies.05:45

Our family, we have a holding called Mel Holding. It's stands for Melo, Its our name, Edwa, the
first in the family, then Leonor my sister and Bioko my brother and we all work in the company.
My father is the chairman, it's a family initiative and we're all involved in there. 06:08

We have clients all around the world, the retailers, they're all family businesses. They've shared
that. We have a relationship that, though, their father was their father's, our generation
becoming friends as well and it's amazing and we rely on that as well, because we can fight
with the big groups.06:31


Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

Two weeks ago, I couldn't sleep anymore because we had a lot of problems; we're playing with
three dimensional sapphire crystals. Three weeks ago, when we received the first samples, we
realized that it was creating diffractions and crazy things and everybody was like, oh my God,
what are we going to do in Bazar and the team thought, was really proactive and last Friday, we
got three samples of new glasses and one was just perfect. as what we say in French, we need
people that are 'dim ions', really bad word to say, but it's people who are fighting to find
solutions and I find it amazing in our team, to have everybody bring ideas and today we all own
this product and everybody is proud to present it, everybody has a story about it and a year ago,
it was like, 'oh can we do this?' and people, oh,sure, is it Moser? And today everybody is super
excited, so kind of interesting we can bring all those people together. Only beautiful products
can do that.07:32


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