Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep18 : Henrik Vibskov [ Copenhagen ]

Interview with Henrik Vibskov

Words by Didder Rønlund I fell head over heels for all Henrik Vibskov's quirks and curious ideas - indeed, for the entire energy and atmosphere of the collection, inside Carlsberg's large bottling hall. And yet again, I fell for the man himself, and his stone face as he shuffled in, and took his bow. That is, what it is called, when the designers enter the podium, after the finale, and receive their applause. I saw men in many kinds of trousers and even more colours, girls who did not hold back, and everyone wearing the same odd shoes, which probably could achieve some health labelling. Some of Vibskov's distinctive hats, with a tall, round crown, actually cheered you up. Use them with anything, even with a nice fur coat, if you have one. A special addition to this - plus vests, jackets, backpacks, shirts, dresses and blouses in provocative congestion - was Henrik's sharp eye for commercial clothing, for stores and target groups, who neither want to own tailor-made suits or ties. You need a formidable talent to contain all that. And Henrik Vibskov has that talent.


I think it’s good to combine different medias,always trying to search for new directions. If you can read something, sometimes it
happens good, sometimes it doesn’t work. But in trying to you know look around instead of sitting on the back seat, sometimes
it’s good to sit on the front seat and try to turn left and see where we’re going. Nobody knows exactly where we are going.

We use a lot of time on the designing part. But of course the whole way that it’s expressedthrough the presentation, the whole
story is of course more artistic; the story telling.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I’m educated in London at the St. Martins. I’m teaching there, it’s a very free moody school. You can mostly do whatever you
want to.

I’ve been doing shows in Paris; you know that’s the menswear. I’m inaudible [09:55]menswear for some houses and that’s where
I show my stuff. And of course I’m based here now, I moved back.

I ended up at the fashion course because of a girl. So that’s how I started. I’ve been playing music for 30 years. I played drums
and all kind of weird dark strings in the band and strings caught out of jazzy things. That’s my intro to actually identity. You
know being 16. Okay you have to listen to that music but then you also have to be in that kind of circle of that people that
express exactly like that. We were always wearing black and listening to the Cure or the Smiths. Or after that there was not
much more independent seen but you have to look much more special. But that kind of music idea of how to create
charactersor how to be part of a circle or the group is a big combination of what I do. And the music scene is very important to


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I’m not particularly Danish in that sense that in style-wise color-wise. I’m educated international school with a lot of different
nationalities. You are staying for the Copenhagen fashion week for a few days you would notice.

We up here North, you know we don’t have a fashion history. We’re all fishermen, or farmer’s. We’re working on it, a
workinproces; in the next couple of days you will see different things. You will see like oh my God what are we doing here. In
general what we have left in the northern European countries is we have the brain and our culture development system. The
production is gone, but then there isa lot of new people taking over which is going to be much stronger. You see it in the school
amidst the teaching on many of the European schools. There’s a lot of Asian people coming down there going to take over.


Jewellery Theatre Elements

I have three shops running. I have one in New York, one in Copenhagen and we have to sell our stuff. I don’t have any sponsors.
There is a target group, it’s very small here but it’s bigger in some of the bigger cities, but we’re selling stuff.

I really like when it has this in between functionality and colorfulness. Sometimes a little bit too much but sometimes quite;
actually there will always be stuff that we could buy and sell.


Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

The bags, the bathwall bags you saw was; that was actually furniture that was transformed into a basket. But the whole theme
was about the tongue; the tongue as a transport system, the tongue as a sexual object, the tongue as a symbol, the tongue in all
kinds of different perspectives.The tongue as a cleaner for our mouth. That why the foreman stands, they were cleaning the
tongue trying to work with the taste buds. Circular shapes, circular dots in the knit ware, the prorated dots, dots dotsdots. The
taste buds.

We don’t do press releases where it’s completely explained; this is about this. Because I think it’s a bit of shame that people
don’t experience you know they just start reading this is a tongue experience about you know. So if you put a press release out
there then people are just coming inaudible [14:50]. But if you don’tput anything then it’s left only up to the imagination. And
the last time that’s a few years ago there was a; it’s all about sharks. I was like “sharks” … Okay I didn’t really get that but I could
actually see what you inaudible [15:11]. But it wasn’t about sharks. But there was a inaudible [15:15] of persons saying “Hey it’s
all about, you know sharks and the …”.