Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep20 : Dan Mihai Zarug, 22 Fashion, [France]

Interview with Dan Mihai Zarug

Heart and soul of the label "twenty (2) too" is Dan Mihai Zarug. In 2007 he moved to Paris, where he graduated from ESG with a MABA in „Luxury Marketing Management” in 2008. After an internship at the press office TOTEM in Paris, where Mihai had his first contact with some of the most cutting edge contemporary designers in Paris, he took on the job of studio director for Alain Gossuin`s Paris based studio. His first own collection twenty(2)too was launched in 2010."


My name is Mihai Dan Zarug and I am the designer of the 22-label. Twenty Two was the
beginning of the show with the crazy men’s label with the crazy mouth. 7:49

I come from the north of Romania, but I’m based in Bucharest in the heart of the Romanian
fashion scene. 8:04

We are like the new conquerors of the valiant scene. If it’s not all of them, we are like 23-
million people and we are like full three each season to show our work. 8:27

It is what I think about when I wake up in the morning and I can’t stop thinking about when I
am having my coffee of having my cigarette, or and at the end of the day, I’m still not sick of it.

I started in Paris, but I did an MBA the luxury management. When I launched my brand, I did
not actually think of branding or marketing because it is really hard to market what I do, as you
can see. 9:12

I have been working for other brands in Paris before, but for a short time. Because, I always
knew what I wanted to do; I am a very determined person. 9:30

I like dressing up men, and I thought of it at the beginning, the idea was that I could never find
in the stores the type of clothes that I would like to wear. And I said, ok, why pay these large
amounts of money to designers and have half of what I need when I can actually do it myself?
So, that was the main idea to launch the collection. 9:59


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I am producing in Romania, but like most of the big names in the industry, mostly in the Italian
brands, even luxury brands they all produce in Romania. Yes, because Romania still has the
potential to, and the force to offer high quality in manufacturing in one part of Romania, in the
North. 10:33

When you look on the fashion now a days, it’s all a matter about return on investment, and
market studies and consumer studies and all that. And we actually don’t do that. Most of my
colleagues do not know how to do that. I know how to do that but I can’t, because the market
wouldn’t allow it. So, we’re a bit crazy, we have dreams, and we have visions and we just begin
and do our stuff with it. 11:11


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I actually am a fan of Simon Foxton, he is an English stylist and he has this amazing blog where I
found some images of the African tribes and they, the African warriors and all sorts of village
masks and necklaces and all that head pieces and I said I want to try and do something like a
merger between Western civilization and African culture. And concerning the beads, we have
that sort of beading; we have it also in Romania. That’s a tradition in one of the part in the
country and we adorn our clothes with the small colourful beads and graphic details. So, I
thought it was like melting Romanian tradition and a bit of African, and I found it funny, you
know, to have this tradition in this corner of the earth and the complete opposite of it. 12:22

Everybody wants to do women’s clothes and I’m not a big fan of dresses. I prefer doing men.
Probably when I started thinking about this collect and project with my label, if I was looking
for women’s clothes to dress myself and couldn’t find them, I would have made a women’s
label. 12:54


Jewellery Theatre Elements

All I do is at the limit of the unisex, but I do not call it unisex, but I do not call it unisex, is so
passé, but all the pieces are... 13:07


Mihai Dan Zarug continued...
Not even, not even that’s so footballer; [LAUGHING] it’s versatile. The pieces themselves can be
worn either by a man or a woman without a problem. 13:22


Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

Space suites were a vision of designers in the ‘50s who were ‘visioneers’ like we are today. It
does not correspond to a given absolute ‘scientifical’ truth. So, who knows what we’ll wear in
the 3000, maybe we won’t wear anything, we will just send holograms on the streets.
[LAUGHTER]. 13:52

We are particular and all my clients are particular, they want to, they want special things. I
have to respect them. Sometimes I do not understand them; and I try to just ok, maybe if we
do it like this it would be a bit nicer, if they can understand it ok, if not I pass. 14:23


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Dan Mihai Zarug, 22 Fashion, France