Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep2 : Romain Gauthier, Gauthier Watches, [Switzerland]

Interview with Romain Gauthier

Romain Gauthier is an independent Swiss manufacturer of watches based in Le Sentier and Vallée de Joux, Switzerland. He has been praised for his innovative horology engineering techniques and his design studio is also known for producing unique luxury items such as mechanical cufflinks. 'Montres Romain Gauthier' launched in 2006 with the Prestige HM, featuring Romain Gauthier's own in-house manufacture movement. The HM was followed in 2012 by the Prestige HMS and Logical One in 2013. Logical One is a reinvention of the chain-and-fusee constant force mechanism, with a snail cam replacing the cone-shaped fusee.


Romain Gauthier is my name. I was born in Vallee de Jura here, one of the in Switzerland of
watch making. My influence of the design and everything is really in relation about where I was

It was in the past, the farmer who made during the winter, their bush and those people went to
Geneva. So everything started like that in La Valle De Jura.13:26

Generation after generation became some companies in La Valle Dushu and today the spirit of
Romain Gauthier is also there because where you have Audemar , Breguet , Blancpain, and the
last one is Patek Phiippe who is the new department.13:49

I started to think about that. I don't want to it like everybody in Bali. I enroll studios in relation
with mechanic. So I learn about that and after that I made a diploma like engineering, how to
build machinery. After my school, I started in a company was dedicate and specialize with
parts, parts for watches. During nine years I made that. 14:23


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I was 23 years old, 24 in the Bali, if you are a watchmaker; you say about that, I'm going to do
my work, or maybe my own movement and my own company. I knew about that, that it will be
complicated and 2000, I did a MBA to understand business, a company and anyway if you want
to do a small company or a big one, you have to understand that. 14:54

In 2002, I graduate and I started to do my own movement. We doing these things by fashion but
we have to control also that, we have charge, we have salaries, we have our responsibilities at
the end. 15:17

I'm not watchmaker, basically so for me it was logical that if i would start something in the
watch industry, I had to understand how it worked, a simple movement. I didn't arrive with a
high complication or something like that. So it's why I arrive with the Caliber 2206 HM, HM for
hour and minute.15:51

In 2002, it was like a crazy thing to imagine for a young guy to say, I will create my own
movement from A-Z, create my company, out of luxury watches, 16:14


I was thinking about every detail. It's why the crown is not in a normal position. The crown is
on the backside for technical reason. Next step was to think about find a position. Is it one
where you wear the watch? 16:35


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I can say innovation because some brand like Jaeger Le Coultre also made that in the past, but
the way how I put the things in and how inside it's made, this is an evolution. 16:53

If you look at the movement, there is a lot of bridges and we talk about the influence about of
the Juan,Valle De Jura, about Geneva for the conception, our bridges are basically the influence
of the straight line bridges, but I made my own vision of that. One plate, six bridges. For
example, the German style, three bridges and the plate. We have six bridges and the plate 17:30

Between 2002-2004, 2005, I made my conception and I made by myself also the parts. In 2005,
the first with the anchor and everything and I remember that night, I went to sleep and I put the
movement and everytime during the night I was, is working..18:01


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Until 2006 I was working on all the day and boss man, around 2003, asked me if I want to
follow him. I took a decision to show for him the drawings and a few days after, we had a
reflection, it say for me a mark, what I see is that you want to realize that. So I can help you, I
can give you the machinery during the weekend, when the machinery are stopping or when the
machinery are stop, during holidays. So it's how I made the part and how I get the possibility to
use machinery, the best machinery to doing my parts. 18:48


In 2006 I saw some retailers around the world and we get orders and the first watch was
delivered in Switzerland, a private collector and the number one was delivered in red gold, on
August 2007.19:10

This collector, I remember one day said to me, you know it's incredible, I wear the watch, I use
the watch, it's like boss and I'm really happy that everything goes well and it is good.It's also
important for me to get this kind of information because the precision is also a part. For a lot of
collector, they don't care again if the watch take five, seven days or nine , all those fights are
gone because at this level, it's profession.19:49

The retail price for the hour, minute, the first one that we launched in 2006, start around 40,000,
between fifteen and twenty watches a year. 20:06


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Now we have quite a lot of collectors who are waiting about something great. The cream of the
cream, the collectors are looking everytime for the quality. This I know, because for this level
of product, the collectors they have already the Bulgier, all of the fantastic big brand. Our
product is like something exotic, like small stars in the collection.20:45


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Romain Gauthier, Gauthier Watches, Switzerland