Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep3 : Christian Hermeling & Jurgen Reis, MBL Hi-Fi, [Germany]

Interview with Christian Hermeling & Jurgen Reis

MBL has ranked among the leading High End Audio specialists and has played a key role in the development of the Hi-Fi and High End Audio field.


We see ourselves as solution provider, for the music lover. Its starts with CD player then pre amplifier,
pro amplifier and the perfect fitting loud speakers. It’s been a very old company. It was founded in 79.
Mr. Reis is on board for 30 years almost. Basically 11:38 3 engineers they have this idea of this
directional loud speakers and this was the start of MBL . Malisky 1:49. The unique idea is to have
point source so that, and also this one directional radiation 2:04. So segments there arrange around
middle axis, seconds one side, another side, then the moving ***moves up then it’s upwards 2:17
sound pressure. During my study I was a 2:26. My first show of this crazy wild speaker and asked 2:30.

I joined the company in 82, so the company already exists 3 years. I bought the company from the old
owner and in 2008. I have a totally different background. I am from the Coco-Cola business. What I
learned in my time at Cocoa Cola, is the quality approach is very important, and actually at Cocoa Cola,
almost the inventor of quality in management systems, and that’s what I first started when I bought
this company, installing quality management system. So to make sure, we always provide the very best
quality in everything we do. That the thing that MBL has done so much in the past, was more technical
re-entered company, and now we have to adjust more in the marketing, and try to sell products and
tell people, that it’s not only a technical thing, a piece of hardware they have, is the feeling actually
they get. 3:51


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At 2008, we already had some great products, but more and more individual products that we have
04:02 that we have not homogeneous family systems. I have also seen in the past, that it would be
good to also to have a more overview, of all of the products instead of just looking, we doing this 04:22
no matter how the transport is looking up. So I think it was a good step also forward. 04:30

I’m coming from making music. Nowadays also we call it music. I always interested to transport
message from the heart to the listener. In the old days where we just have this loud speaker, and then
just begin with a pre amp, and then 8 years later with our amp.05:00 look for the other amplify those
days would matches the sound and this always creates, in the other which you must have our own
amplifier, and this continues over 30 years. Nowadays our systems are absolutely balanced but also
balancing itself, so I do not compensate the two bright sounding transport with a dull sounding depth.
The things that, this balanced sound exists already in 2008, but balanced 05:38 looking.


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Over the years, I learned a lot what is right and what is wrong, comparing direct radiating loud speaker
and direct loud speaker. So even with a very precise direct radiating loud speaker, a conventional loud
speaker you can have flat frequency response. We do not have a feeling that we are nearly there as
only directional loud speaker technique. We have a very homogeneous director 06:23 which you can
have also with direct radiating loud speaker, but we do not have the frequency radiation if you have
06:30 angle and the main advantage that, we have very dense and rich ambience, which a direct
radiating loud speaker, cannot give, but this reverberation sound intensity and time is very important.
We have this natural feeling of reproduction of music. 06:54

Germany is very skilled in technical engineering, but sometimes also a little bit short on emotions. The
Germans are very shy with emotions, so when you travel round in Europe, you see other countries
with a little bit more emotions. So when I studied Electric Engineering, it was a little bit twist for my
brain to learn to


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07:33 measurements without this relation to hearing, but the big advantages that I
have now, the technique I can measure everything but I also have enough trust in my ears so this is
not the end. When I compare 2 parts, for examine one part measures better than the other part, but
the other part transports emotion, or better I would chose emotional part; but with all things balanced
is absolutely important. You have to understand what is the advantage of tube, to take knowledge of
this advantage and you can put it in the 08:25 state. One advantage of the tube is that you have two
different tube groups 08:30-08:33 and so its different bottle of transistors have also some of
weaknesses. But if you are aware of this weakness, you can work around, or can lift this, and can
create solutions that will compensate for this. 08:50

It starts at $EU22, 000. It’s a smaller system, a 08:59 system and we do 2 and 3 different lines. The
biggest line is the reference line. We see extreme loud speaker and that ends at $EU400, 000. With this
loud speaker, we have to see extreme, and we only produce 12 pairs of each 09:13 per year. That’s
limited and that’s it. Cause a lot of resources in our manufacturing and so that’s a limited number,
and then we have our most famous loud speaker, 101 and we don’t have limited number. Then with
this loud speaker we sell a lot, throughout the world.


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Most 09:38 I’m doing at home. I have at home bunch of systems. We have also showroom in Berlin,
which is good. Also so I can make some rough estimation, but then the final. I need also time, and I
need all time to settle down the sound. So if I’m comparing 09:58 A and B. I listen to it, and I’ll settle
down. Next day, my heart immediately tells me which 10:06 is the right 10:08.

Funny all we really have, is a couple of years ago, that really from Moscow. Some guy called us, and
ordered the biggest system a present for a friend. I mean, he pay $EU400, 000 because you don’t
know what your friend needs. I mean you already have a Ferrari and stuff like that, so you simple call
in Berlin, and order something for $400,000. That’s weird, I mean who would do that, but it happens.


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