Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep3 : Francois Quentin, 4N Watches, [France]

Interview with Francois Quentin

François Quentin is perhaps best-known as a co-founder of the avant-garde watch brand HAUTLENCE in 2004 (along with Renaud de Retz and Guillame Tetu), and as co-designer of the Tambour, the flagship model released by Louis Vuitton several years ago.


The name comes from the numbers for the digital display. Ten of hour, hour, ten of a minute. We
have 4 numbers. For specification for a 11:18 of 11:19. For 11:21 all good 11:22. I’m a teacher,
designer, watch maker, to a movie maker. I learn lot of job. I am even for jewelry too. I live in Paris. I
work in 11:53 design. I work for a big machine, for example to vending machine or 12:01 machine or
for glasses, for everything. In the past, was design watch for French brand, and after the Swiss brand
to the 12:18 watch, to the


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

12:21. After that I decided to create my brand and the design of 12:29. After
2, 3 years I begin the new 12:36 with foreign. 1990 is the business of the design of watches 12:47.
Before you have some artist, they make sketch, and after some engineers take the sketch and
transform. The designer knows the mechanism and know to artistic


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

13:14. Were we arrived in this
watch making world, we come with the knowledge of marketing to technical marketing and artistic
design, and also the aesthetic shape. Like that we can take a solution for a brand. For this watch, I
design with a Class 2, but for this one I design everything. 13:55


Jewellery Theatre Elements

The wheels, the mechanisms is my idea. Of course, as with me very famous team, to develop, to
improve the movement of course. I’m 14:20 who is a. I’m 14:23 with the first idea, the concept and
development of the complication, but after that they are improved lot of point for 14:36 mechanism.
The DNA of the brand is the numerical display, and so the next watch is with an American display. In
this watch, the challenge is the pore, because when we have a numerical display on the hour and
minute 15:16 is very energy 15:19 to improve the mechanism and in fact we have 10 depth. The world
of watch making is very, very small. For me, it’s very good experience to meet as this small work.
When I arrive with just a concept, it was very small part of complication in the old.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

15:54. Lot of people
come and say me, yeah its good idea but people possible. Before 16:13 I’ve meet some people and
send me ideas. Yes it’s possible but we waiting for 3 years and give me 2 million francs, and maybe
after 3 years it’s possible. When I meet Renee Papyee it was very, very, different. A small team and
they like challenge. When he says that. Oh yeah very complicated we like this. For me, it’s a fantastic
opportunity. I’m not really watch maker. In France, I’m a designer. When you alone, you design, you
define some solutions where you can be 17:26.


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Francois Quentin, 4N Watches, France