Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep4 : Pierre Tantot, Ellip6 Racing Car Simulation, [ ????? ]

Interview with Pierre Tantot

ellip6 means quality. It is the choice or the professional drivers. The simulators, designed and built in France, are the result of extensive research and a pioneering expertise.


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My name is Pierre Tantot and we’re in the Top Marques big show in Monaco. This is **** going fast in
the movie, one you show somebody who just done cigarettes, that’s we do our medics. We go fast
and 6, 6 axis, we move at 6 axis. Since 40 years I build robots. You know I was building robots for
diving systems after I was *** helicopter, airplane , any pilots and I was really in this platform to teach
my helicopter to land on a ship, and after I apply the steering wheel on it, and we ****. Three years
ago I start my ***company, I’ve sold it to EDS. Now I’m only in the business of simulation, but also
with real pilots. We have 72 simulators around already. You need to simulate the sensation. When you
see the platform moving, you see oh it’s moving too much. When you’re inside, you’re watching the
screen, you don’t know you’re moving. You just feel some pressure on the back, that’s when you’re
accelerating. You feel some pressure on the top and inside the belt, safety belts, that’s when you think
you’re breaking. You feel on the turn, you feel on the side, that’s when you have all the feeling. All the
altitude of the car.


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You know when people talk about simulators will give you 4g, that’s not true, because your weight is
1g. If you want more than 1g, you have to lock the guy, okay that’s not good. It’s why all simulator give
you enough. This one is very smooth, give you no more than 1g, that will give you the sensation. In the
real car, you don’t take any ***until you hit a wall. You have a 4 liter volt, you lift it on wheel. You
move it, it’s just 220 volts. Everything is integrate on it, computer just switched on, takes 10 minutes to
move from another place. We *** trunks and cars, and for simulators, but the software is the A factor
okay. It’s very old software but racing team use it, because the dynamics are very well done.


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We adapt on each car. If you have a Ferrari, we have the parameters from Ferrari. We adapt the car.
We have a *** for you, we have a pilot ****. Okay we have fixed the car exactly like ***. For Porsche
car for some pilot, we adapt the car. We adapt the brakes, the clutch, everything. We remove front
bolt and we remove the steering wheel, and we put a airplane or helicopter stick. We have 3 types,
helicopter, airplane and car. You have to software for rally, g2 car. Formula 1 for car is one, for
airplane we have another one, and helicopter we have another one also. It’s the *** understand. You
need camera, you need several motorists, and you need the know-how. Most of the people ask me to
do like big race, from London to Spain. I don’t know what the name is, you can do what you want. You
can go cross a reservoir, you can *** alone. You have to pass from one point to another one, because
today when you’re on the road you cannot do anything.
Red light, you pass the red light, and you have the police going through. The software exists already
that we’re going to do with the movements. Formula 1 you can ** on this one. What we need is
software, where we can take out the physical movement.


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We are dealing with a bigger software company at the moment, because everybody wants this system,
because normally a 6 axis turbo like that, is around $180, $150,000. That’s very expensive, but very
cheap for 6 axis, because we don’t use hydraulic arms or electrical arms. We use several models, who
is much cheaper and more real. As you can see, at the foot I have some real car. I have 800 for the T.
Too much money in petrol and the time and tire. With this one, it’s free and you don’t hurt yourself.
You can see my hand, and I am full of steel and plastic.


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