Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep5 : Armin Strom Watches

Interview with name Claude Greisler

Drawing on 40 years of tradition inherited from its founder, the master of skeletonization Armin Strom, the brand inaugurated its manufacturing facilities in September 2009. The headquarters assembles under one roof all the master trades involved in the production of movements. The objective is clear: to maintain the greatest possible industrial autonomy and carry out the full product development cycle within the most efficient timescale. The seven ARMIN STROM calibres available today are manufactured in-house, including a tourbillon and an automatic, affirming this strategy’s success.


01:12 - 01:34

I'm Claude, Claude Greisler. I'm the Constructer and
Designer of Armin Strom. Armin Strom is a small factory
based Gyn, Switzerland and we're producing all our
movements in house
01:46- 01:59

Armin Strong himself he started about 40 years ago to
producing skeltonized watches and a one man show and in the
last few years he was building up the brand to get with me
and 1:59

02:00 - 02:12

He's retired since one and a half year now. He's still a member
of the board. He's still involved in the brand decisions but he's
not working anymore for the brand.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio


He was independent. He was basically in the retail business,
he was selling watches in a jewelry shop and then he was
starting to produce his own watches. So he's now on the Bottle
fair since 25 years now.

02:51- 02:60

My Grandfather was already in the watch business. He had a
company which was delivery watch companies in Gyn also.

03:14- 03:29

When I was 10 years old my Grandmother was teaching me
how to assemble and disassemble pocket watches. She was
assembling stop watches during the 2nd World War and so she
was teaching me how you did the assembling of those


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

03:43 -04:06

I went in the watch maker school in Solotor for the first four
years. Then I went, I did 2 years in 3:52 in the Museum of
Watch making. There was through restorations and then after
this 2 years, I did Engineering School because I was very
interested in producing new movements.

04:23 - 04:39

I was very fascinated by the quality they did at these times
which we lost a little bit in the watch industry producing mass
watches and I was inspired by the quality and the art of watch

04:52 - 05:18

(4:52) but he was more into clocks, wall clocks and not the
wrist watches but he was genius, the complicated. He was
trying to, all his watches they were not 5:05 all the time so
they was mechanically wise, designed wise it was very
interesting to see the mechanism turning, see the wheel
turning, the lever doing their work and this was just amazing.


Jewellery Theatre Elements

05:31- 05:50

Our watches are different we are not using fully tires. Our
watch movements are also designed once the technique is
done we design the movement because the movement is part
of the design of the watch and it's not a dial which just an
opening and chosen part of the movement. So in Armin Strong
we do design and construction.



Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

06:04 - 06:32

Our ebauche have a high level of knowledge in watch making
industry so they're not like funny questions, they're more like
very interested in the small details which we are producing so
these are more like technical discussions we have with them
because they're very interested in how do you the polishing of
the screws, how the bevels are made and everything like this.
So it's very interesting to talk to them and also to learn from
their knowledge.
06:44 - 07:00

With the Man watch we starting about 9900 Swiss francs in
stainless steel our bouleman factory in-house caliber with the
three hand, hour, minute second and then we go up to
tourbillion on and redcoat is about 40, 000 Swiss francs.