Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep5 : Jacob & Co, NY

Interview with name Jacob Arabo

Jacob The Jeweler Arabo is a Bukharian immigrant from Uzbekistan who began selling his gems in Manhattan's Diamond District in 1986. His first celeb client was R&B singer Faith Evans, who found his shop, fell in love with the jewels, put down a deposit on a ring and started to spread the word to her famous pals. His client list includes Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson, Christy Turlington, Beyoncé and David Beckham.Arabo’s Jacob & Co. timepieces were among the lots selling at the highest prices at Antiquorum Geneva Auction in April of 2010. His Crystal Tourbillon was the top selling lot at $477,120 USD, and the firm’s titanium Napoleon Quadra was the third highest selling lot at $354,432 USD. In October, 2008 at the Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite auction held in Hong Kong, a spectacular Jacob & Co. cushion-shaped diamond ring was the item that sold at the highest price; $5.78 million. At the same auction, a yellow gold and diamond necklace and earring set from Jacob & Co. was the fourth highest priced item (selling at $960,624).


12:12 - 12:17

Jacob and Company is the luxury brand, it's lifestyle

12:26 - 12:45

When I was 15 years old my Father wanted me to learn in
between summer vacation from school to learn watches. So he
got me a job with this Watchmaker just to learn how to take it
apart, how to fix. so when I start taking watches apart I just
fall in love the way everything works; how tiny everything is.

12:53 - 13:17

I used to take apart old Russian movements and show me how
he does it and then let me do it you know, and I said to
myself, one day I want to make my own watch. Jewelry, I
became a designer when I was 17 years old. We emigrated in
1979. In New York I went to a school to how to use tools to do


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13:19 -13:38

When we came to united states there was no more family
business my Father had this job and he was doing for Russian,
Soviet Union and he was producing liquor. He never asked me
to do the same thing he did. Me, being the only son for my
Father he says you chose your own way and I chose Jewelry.

13: 47 - 14:06

I needed to make a living we had no money so I went o take a
course for 6 months where I quickly get this profession and
get a job. I got a job for the factory, I worked for the Factory
for 9 months and I became very successful designer in that
Factory and I quit after that and I went for my own business.


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14:17 - 14:32

So I started making jewelry for a number of chain stores and
brands they would give you gold, they would give you
diamonds and you would just do the job. You would design
and complete the work for them and give them finished
product and of course they would put their name on it.

14:41 - 14:47
From 90's my nickname was 'Jacob the Jeweler' and then I
opened a company called Jacob
14:58 -15:15

I only make things that I like myself. I don’t make jewelry or
watches to just sell and make money. I have to love it myself
as if my wife or my parents or myself will wear it.


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15:23 - 15:50

When you go to Switzerland to make watches it's very
difficult to get into this industry because it's so small and
everyone know each other and they don't really like to talk to
strangers. They love my designs. I propose my design and I
was looking for partners who would produce for me. In the
begging it was very difficult but then I found people who are
very professional and love my designs and just because of the
designs they went ahead with me and that was my door
opening to Switzerland.

15:59 - 16:21

I first started with just quartz watches in the beginning, it was
the easiest thing to do because it was just a look, it was just a
design, the colorful, the diamonds for men's and women and
as I was successful doing what I was doing I introduced
Federer, I introduced Tourbillons so then I got in or more
complications which I was planning to do it.


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16:30 -16:50

If you don't have a good relationship in the watch making
business they're just simply not going to produce it for you.
Even if they do it's always going to be late, it's not going to be
the quality you want, and you’re going to be the last one on
your list for them. They love you and respect you and they're
really interested to do the project with you; you're gonna be
number 1 on their list and those are the ones only that I work

16:57 -17:06

The watches that I make are your third and fourth watch. Its
fun, it's conversational, it's to go out with.

17:12 -17:26

The jewelry was first. It's 30 years old now. I have a workshop
in New York, some of the jewelry now manufactured in
Geneva as well in Switzerland and Italy as well but most of it
made in New York. We have great workshops.
17:34 - 17:53

The very famous yellow diamond is from a place called Zimi
in Africa, that's where the material comes from only. So any
professional who see that stone he knows where it comes
from. No, Russia does not have large diamonds. They do have
a lot of diamond minds but they have mostly smaller sizes

18:02 - 18:23

It's non-stop creation. If I thought of something to do now it
may take me a few months to come up with the prototype.
We're already working on something for next Brazil. It takes
time and I have designers also that work for me that also help
me to design because it is impossible to do everything myself

18:30 - 18:55

I look at jewelry from 1920's I love Art Deco and I love the
shapes, so I reproduce a lot of it. I took the ideas of Artdeco,
the genius Designers that we had back in 20's and 30's and just
changed and added things to it and I just love I just love to see
the way it looks.

19:04 - 19:30

Jewelry to me is fashion. Jewelry to me is investment Jewelry
to me is a gift to each other. It just makes people happy.

19:23 - 20:04

This man buys an engagement ring, very important
engagement ring for his future wife and his request was he
worked in America, in New York. Can you deliver it to
Cashville, the Ski Resort at the ski slope when my wife just
about to take off and ski? I want someone to come and present
it to her. Because this is gonna be my engagement ring to her.
The shipping company should come and this was so unusual,
you know how do you do that? And we did it and of course
they took the video and camera and you should have seen her
face dressed up with glasses just about to take off with ski and
they’re presenting a box, they opening the box with this most
beautiful diamond in it.