Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep5 : Selim de Somavilla [Barcelona]

Interview with name Selim de Somavilla [Barcelona]

Born and bred and residing in Barcelona, Selim de Somavilla became a fashion-designer between here and London. In 2005 he graduated in Barcelona and went on to form a part of the team of Martin Lamothe over two collections. London offered him a new air, maturity and a fresh perspective for his future work dedicated to male fashion, studying at LCF and working at The Rodnik Band. The man that is dressed in his clothes knows no limitations. He is a man of refined tastes, who likes dressing well, with a certain melancholic air but without losing his virility despite the important unisex influence. De Somavilla places essential importance to a “total outfit idea” in his collections, for which he also designs bags, shoes and jewellery. At the beginning of 2012 he shows his collection called MAELSTRØM at the Fall-Winter ’12 edition of Valencia Fashion Week and Move Seville. In the September he showed “KNOCKOUT” in Barcelona, a collection for Spring-Summer ’13, during the Bosson Festival. He recently worked in conjunction with the ESCORPION brand working on handbags for the most recent 080 Barcelona Fashion.


07:33 - 07:42
Selim de Somavilla is my name so my name is Egyptian and my
surname is well from the north of Spain so it's kind of a

07:52 - 08:00

Some years ago I had like this creative (7:53) and the way I
wanted to show it was in Fashion so that was it.

08:09 - 08:36

I stay here in Barcelona and also I went to London college of
Fashion in London. The way you focus your style is very, very
different. I mean there you have to, you are more into self
conscious, how you have to make your stuff and your time and
here it's more like you have a tutor and it's like more daily but
then you have to be more like a designer. You have to make
your own times.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

08:49 - 09:17

You have seen maybe that the University staff is all around
there so mainly it started with a Tartan with squares. So
Tartan is made always it’s for winter I mean we are used to
see it in winter so we wanted to give it a change, a twist yea
that's it and it went to Summer and then we mix it with the
tropical so we thought it was quite shocking stuff. Also with
men, I'm mainly doing Men's Wear after I went to London.

10:00 -10:11

I was more focused there I started doing more tailoring there
in London so something started in me, I like dressing men.
You want something different.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio


But London it is here. I mean there are more men. It's quite
more open-minded with different styles and with colors and
all these stuff.


Jewellery Theatre Elements

10:44 - 11:04

Always people are requesting, like some of women, people
are liking, we want women, we want women but I feel like it's
very, very complicated in also in Spain to maintain Men's
Wear but I'm trying to men something different so I'm still


Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

11:19 - 11:44

Four, five months ago it was like from Fashionista it was an
editorial that they showed one jacket from my last collection
and Stylists contact me because they want it, like pink jacket
for a Judge in American Idol Randy Jackson, trained it a
jacket I was like the pink one and it was for Randy Jackson so
it was quite funny but weird


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Selim de Somavilla