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Interview with Anthony Ansted

Evanta Motor Company is a privately owned family business. We are made up of a small, dedicated team of highly trained and experienced fabricators and technicians. Each member of the team is focussed on assembling world class and award winning motorcars. Our industry contacts span the globe, and our work is extended to include various forms of fabrication, restoration, prototyping and even artwork.


My name is Anthony Anstead I’m the managing director of Evanta Motor Company and we are in Monaco.

When I was 16 years old I built my first car and since then I’ve built 58 cars. I formed the business to offer a spoke tailored
service so that the client can choose their own specification and build a car unique to them. We make cars evocative of the
1950s and 60s, yet put the reliability of the modern advances of today.

I live just north of London in Hertfordshire and I have always raced cars, built cars, fixed cars, frames. And when I get the
opportunity to make my hubby my job I grasped it with both hands.

I was 16, I didn’t have a driving license, and built a car in my father’s to his annoyance. I sold the car within 10 miles of using it
and built another one.

I now look back and think maybe a set of Weber carburetors on the dining room table isn’t that appropriate. Tinkering with old
MGs and Triumphs and building my own specials and I had a great love of Austins 7s. I did a few Austin Healeys and I used to
import rusty old wrecks from America, restore them and keep turning cars around.


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I did a lot of special buildings so I would take at chassis, design and form my own body and the car would involve in what starts
off as a picture in my head. When it’s finished it’s totally different and I would just let the car build itself really. I did an awful lot
of racing cars and single seaters and awful lot of vintage specials. So I would find a pre-1930 chassis, restore it and may be
extended it or shorten it. Build my own aluminium bodies, my seats, interiors, make my own wiring and build a car.

Right now we are in the best position we have ever been in. We have nine full-time staff on the workshop. I may use a number
of subcontractors. So our aluminium bodies are subcontracted, we have our own subcontracted wiring expert that deals with all
the auto electrical. We use subcontracted trimmer and redo all our paint and fix and finishes in-house.

We make our own chassis. We order metal in from our supplier and we have jiggs and we build and weld our own. In the main
the 2 cars that you see here today, that’s our chassis, suspension, our drive train, body, footweld floors.

The relationship with Austin-Martin is obvious. The lines, the sculptures, the silhouette of those types of cars are still viable
today and that’s what people want, that’s what love and it’s easy to fall in love with these types of cars.

When we offer three models, the red car starts at around 85,000. That’s a fairly basic model using Jaguar engine a very popular
donor. I love the customers who prefer a modern and newer engine. The grey car starts at around £100,000 and we also offer a
Le Mans recreation which is at £50,000.


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I have penned my own car, it’s something that I considered doing in the future. But you have to remember these designs they
are iconic to stir the memories of a 50s era. I mean redo a lot of work with good re-revival and that show sells out for a reason
so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

The engine options are endless it’s down to the customer the client to decide. Jaguar is a relatively accessible option. Straight six
it’s easy to source, easy to build, to maintain and you can upgrade engine fairly easily. You can generate a lot of power from the
engine plus it smells sounds feels and has a 60s aura about it.

We don’t go to shows, this is our first show. We rely on reputation, word-of-mouth and referral. The tailored suit is the only way
we can describe it. So we make the seat the size of the customer, the pedals the size of your feet, the steering position, the
color, the trim, engine everything is just spoked to that customer. Of all the car that we have produced none are the same.

I did a conversion on the new car. I took a modern Austin-Martin and cut it in half, removed 9 inches from the middle. We
shortened is, took the roof, the panels off, changed the whole wiring, new rear axle, new brakes, new crank shaft, built an
internal roll cage, new A&B pillars, new sails, and then a 1-piece carbon and Kevlar. That was pretty expensive.


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Each one of our cars attends ministry testing, you know we’re no different to small manufacturers like Morgan, Katrim, Noble.

The Italians are more, the reins are off and not bound by anything. They can be flamboyant, creative, artistic. England tends to
stick to a formula and it works.

Finding the skill set within staff is probably my most challenging hill to overcome. But we are in a position now where we have
some of the best trained staff in the country. Our laminate that has been in the industry for 40 years. I have worked with
laminators for the last decade and he is head and shoulders the best that I’ve seen. We now arguably, we have one of the best
painters in the country.

The global economy has affected a lot of businesses. It’s not just automotive, being able to react, develop, evolve, change is
important to staying alive.

The technology now is the some bounds ahead of as it would and you find that the reliability of the cars is paramount. That’s
probably one or two on the customers’ list of wishes and you always hear of classic cars breaking down the side of the
motorway. You know if we could change that perception but still have the feeling the evocative image of a vintage car but the
modern platform, the best of both worlds.


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Everyone of our cars pass an IVA test. It’s tested by VOZA the ministry. We find that the relatively straightforward now because
our cars have been designed to pass the tests. I mean those tests passed in many other countries so we find importing cars is ok
in most countries. I mean Germany you mentioned is relatively difficult because of the TEV test is quite stringent, but not
impossible and we have imported cars to Germany.

As a child my absolute favorite was the Austin Healey 100. I fell in love with that, I don’t know why I still love it today. And then I
imported a Healey 100 from California without viewing the car and it was probably the most rotten car I have ever seen. So
that’s been tainted. Of course we all have a soft spot and you do too for the Jaguar E-type the finest motor cars ever made and
still stands testament today that that car next to a modern car stands out. I think those two cars are probably my favorite cars.

We’ve created but is in carbon fiber Kevlar. We’ve done bizarre colors, hidden gizmo. Some customers want uprated stereo
systems but they obviously don’t want it on display. So they get hidden to it maintains its period of authenticity. We don’t really
get tested that much. I mean most people want a classic car with a luxurious leather interior, a glorious paintwork and you know
the final fittings finish. It’s pretty standard, if you start putting diamonds on one of our cars it might raise a few eyebrows.


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