Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep7 : LAUGE JENSEN MOTORBIKES [Denmark]

Interview with Uffe Lauge Jensen LAUGE JENSEN

Hand built motorcycles The worlds most exclusive motorcycle is hand built to perfection and designed uniquely on basis of your visions and ideas. If you can dream it - we can build it! Lauge Jensen is the only custom motorcycle company with a worldwide manufacturer ID, bringing exceptional riding experiences and personalized designs all across the globe.


1:04 -1:30

Lots of people who have a bike today they are changing the
steering, the wheels and it will be on legal that means you will
have huge problem with the insurance and stuff like that the Lauge
Jensen is the first custom motor cycle in the world which have a
worldwide approval for building the customer dream. That means
I can build your dream and it's still approved.

1:37 - 1:58

It started when I was 16 years old I was starting building my own
bike. I bought a engine scout from 39 in 16 boxes and started to
build my own motor cycle and then I started importing from
Canada, motor cycles in 99, 98 so that's how it started and I have
sold over 620 Harley Davidsons.


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2:07 - 2:41

All of them were not 100% legal and in Denmark and Germany its
very, very rough. You really have to do approved motorcycles and
I talk to the Government in Germany and in Denmark they say hey
you can do anything without being a Manufacturer and I started up
and it took me 9 years and a hell of a lot of money and I was the
first in the last 22 years which have got new worldwide
manufacture ID for motor cycle over 500 CC

2:49 - 2:56

It was tits, flames and tattoos and you know I was like I would like
to do something more exclusive.


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3:05 -3:40

I have developed the engine by myself, the transmission. It’s a
bigger engine, a 1.8 liters it carries over 100 horse power on the
rear wheel going from zero to 100 kilometers under 4 seconds and
going around 250 kilometers per hour. We have developed a
special belt for it. And the funny thing is that I have developed the
driver and the gas tank. I made it like an airplane wing so it makes
turbulence and will pull you forward when you drive fast, so you
don’t feel that you are driving fast as you are in a normal Harley
Davidson or a normal other custom bike.

3:49 - 4:20

If we have to go out in the big market we would love to have
exclusive customers then we definitely have to make exclusive
bikes and this is a stunt we have made in 24 carat gold with over 8
carrot of diamonds. It's a Goldsmith who have put gold on it so it’s
not gold plated it's 24 carat gold, 300 kilos. This motorbike will be
around 1 million Euros.


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4:27 - 4:3:36

The black one will be 108,000 Euros but we're starting up from 60,
000 Euros and we are making your dream.

4:45:- 5:10

I will come and have a meeting with you and I will create your
dream. I can change the wheel base, the length of the wheel and
can change the length of the bike. I can't change what’s inside the
engine because our engine is a green engine. Its taking all the
approve regarding exhaust system and all that stuff but outer shape
of the engine, everything else we can do whatever you want to.


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5:20- 5:48

All the bikes on the roll I make them hand skates and then I have
some engineers which are making the parts that I'm checking out.
It depends on how you want to make it. I can make special wheel
from you and of course when I draw them then I have to come
back to you, are you satisfied. At least three months, at least but
again it depends on how crazy you are.

6:01- 6:12

99% of all people have a Harley is changing the Harley so it's
gonna be personalized and 80% of the time it will be on legal.

6:25 - 6:40

The drivability of our bikes is very, very important so you have a
nice looking bike, you have the best drivability, you have the best
brakes; we have 8 piston breaks in the front. It will stop again. I
tell you it's a good running bike.

6:50 - 7:06

The road racing types of bikes, you can't compare us to them but if
we are talking about the low rider cruise, we are all the marks we
got from the Government in Germany when we did the test we
have the highest marks.

7:15 - 7:43

If you see a car you can hire lots of wiring, lots of other things. If
you want to design an good looking motor cycle you can’t hire
anything that means you have to be 100% and not 90% and that's
the good thing with our bike I love that you can see all of the
things that we have done, it's just 100%. Lots of our customers are
buying them just to put them into the living rooms as Art.


7:51- 8:07

This year we'll do between 40 and 50 and we will go up a little bit
but it will be high, high end motorcycles, exclusive high end
motorcycles and we will do the best and not just build them to best
8: 15 - 8: 33
All our people which are working at the working area is over 50
years old because I need really good reliable people, not young
people sorry to say but the young in Denmark is not so reliable.

8:41- 8:60

90% of all our bikes are made for order because we are making
unique motorcycles each time. That one was over 120 hours of
painting job on that one. It will take around at least 3 months, at
9:07 - 9: 36

Some of them can’t stop again they're like we have to do, this and
this and this and then I have to say hey we have to stop now
because otherwise it's gonna look like a circus because they won't
have tattoos. If they have special tattoo they would like me to
airbrush it. We made a special bike together the soccer player
Raine Rooney and we put his soccer shirt on the gas tank with the
signature on it and that was fun but it was complicated to put a
shirt into the gas tank.


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