Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep8 : Luca Mazzanti, Mazzanti Cars, [Italy]

Interview with Luca Mazzanti

After the ANTAS debut at TMM 2007, Luca Mazzanti is proud to present the world premiere of the new exclusive MAZZANTI EVANTRA : powered by a V8 engine 7.0 L with 701 Hp, hand made in Italy in a limited production of 5 bespoke cars per year, it embodies passion, creativity and artisanal culture of the company.


I am Luca Mazzanti. I am the owner of Mazzanti Automibili. We present this fantastic car in the world premiere in Monaco.

We went in the year 2007 with the Antas our first car. Then we have done a process of development of the Antas in a contest
more modern and more special.

We are a little factory in Italy. We are seven people and 20 other people that collaborate with us. And our company is more
passionate and we want to do something that is special for the client not only the car, but the passion and attention of details
and tailor-made the car around the client.

In Italy we have more tradition of artisanal. Our family comes from this tradition and we want to continue to translate this

I was born around the car because my family as a coach builder. I start to drive the car when I was really really young and work
around the car and see the car not only the steel the shape but inside and learn how the cars are made and how I would make
my car. But if you wanted to work and to do a car like this, you’ve got to know the story from the start and more and more


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

This car is the number 00 it has an owner but we have finished the car three days ago. So the car has more prototypal parts. We
got to do the work of finishing in the next weeks, so I think in a month or two we can consign the car to the client.

We do also other projects for the client that may be comes to me and asked me to do his own car. What it has in mind, Evantra
is what I have in mind. So for me is more satisfied.

We use 7 Litres cams from Corvette, naturally aspirated. We have the possibility to do the body with carbon fiber and
aluminum. Aluminum only inaudible [04:50].

This kind of engine in aluminum is a really really good block. It can have whatever you need inside the supercar and at the same
time is more reliable.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

This car is produced in five cash payments. When a client takes a car, he’s sure that it’s a really, really special car. And we
produce the car as the classic Italian artisanal. So it’s different from a factory like Lamborghini, Ferrari obviously. In Italy in the
60s there were more actually like this. For me it is more easy to think that the car inaudible [05:53] this kind because I have the
conscience of the past classic car. The really special coach builder, Italian coach builder like Pininfarina, Fissore,Zagato, Gastone
and all. So if you have the passion in Italy you have the possibility to learn because there are people that have maybe worked in
Pininfarina 60s and so you can capture more and more know how.

The shoot of the car from the front when they tested the door open is like an eagle on a mouse and so is more aggressive and at
the same time when you are here you can sit inside and have the door really easy to close.

In China they found me because they search for something really really special and if you have a little company that do little
numbers, you are special.

We have made them more one-offin the past so is more easy for us to do five cars that are maybe at 70% identical to the other
than for five one-off perrier[07:39]. But we have also made 5 one-off perrier [07:42].


Jewellery Theatre Elements

I have made some special project using classic parts mechanical like the old Maserati engine, v8 maybe with the shape a little bit
more than the Antas that we showed in 2007. You have to take the key for some seconds and wait to start the engine. This is
the passion, maybe this client when they open the engine want to see the carburetor.

The key of the first Antas, the client wanted the key as the head of an eagle because the Antas in Etruscan language means
“Eagle” and so he wanted the key with the head of an eagle with 2 diamonds ln the eyes. We are Etruscan so we have a tradition
of Etruscan language; also the Evantra is also a name that comes from Etruscan. Evantra was the god of immortality and so this
is the best startup point of the Evantra.


Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

In some parts of the world in China, in Israel we have some office that in some special situationorder the car directly from there.
But 90% of the clients come to me and then maybe come to see the car during the construction.

We are in Pontedera in Pisa and the client as you understand is very very happy to come and see the car and stay maybe one


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