Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep8 : Peter Jensen, Jensen Fashion, [England]

Interview with Peter Jensen

Peter Jensen Since the onset of the Noughties, Peter Jensen has carved out a reputation as a designer whose impeccably produced creations thread together mischievous humour and a celebratory approach to individuality, with an impressive attention to detail and lightness of touch. This approach is clearly apparent within his designs for both men and women - the results of which always deftly remain on the wearable side of unconventional. Based in London, though originally hailing from Logstor, Denmark, Jensen initially launched his eponymous menswear line immediately after graduating - with a Distinction - from Central Saint Martins, in 1999. This, along with his prior training in the various disciplines of graphic design, embroidery and tailoring, has consistently enabled his work to be as technically adept as it is inspired and original."


Americans always describe it as day wear with a twist of humor and quirky.

We do lots of prints, we do lots of…I suppose classic things that have a bit of a twist and it’s something I think it is something
that you can mix it up with other brands. You can really make yourself feel comfortable in what we do. So yes Day wear.

My brain will never work with architectural sculpture. I think I would not be clever enough for that and I think that fashion very
much fits the mold of what I like and what I was about. I suppose I was very much into style when I was growing up. I was very
much into sort of dressing up and dressing down and trying to make it all hang together and work.

I’m born in Denmark but I’m born in Jutland which is the main country. My education is incredibly long because I was so insecure
about if I was good enough to go to the main fashion school. So I took a tailoring education first, I took graphic education, good
to learn a little design and then I went to Denmark Design School to do my bachelor, then I went on to do my Masters in St.
Martins in London


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

London because, you now I love English people. I love the mentality,my humor fits very well into that mold. And I just like their
way of working, they take fashion seriously. At the Denmark Design school when I was there I didn’t feel that that was taken
serious as I liked it to be. And when I came to St. Martins I felt like, ahh I was so happy.

The funny thing about me is that I have lived in London and I have only had a professional in England. I have lived there for the
last 17 years. I am always in the English press referred to as being a Danish designer. In Denmark I am always referred to as being
an International designer. So I don’t know where I am, I think they can drop me in the sea between Denmark and England and
maybe that is where I fit in.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

We’ve got a very stable good market in both countries. We’ve got a very good market in Japan, we’ve got a very good market in
the US as well also. So it’s very spread out, it’s not focused in one area I would say.

We always have what we call a muse and it’s normally a female figure of some sort. I can be an actress like we build a collection
around Sissy Spacek or it can be an author like Muriel Sparkes we made a collection around her. So we always pick an obscure
woman I think, which is not your most traditional fashion icon. But that’s what I like because it feels like you can make people
know about new things and educate other people. So maybe that’s part of this.


Jewellery Theatre Elements

Yeah, this one here is actually a mix. I would have to say because it’s Mick Jagger and TippiHedren. We were looking at pictures
from when he was very earlier on in his career from 61 to 64. And there were all these really wonderful pictures of him wearing
corduroy trousers with a college sweat shirt and a shirt and he looked really pristine and crisp.

The thing about me living in England is living in London for that long, is that when you look you know you look back at Denmark
and you romanticize about it. You only look at the really good things about Denmark and you forget all the bad things going on
and I think that is what happens to most people that work or move away sorry from their home country.


Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

Then there’s loads of little anecdotes and some of them I can’t say because they would be too… But I’ll say that the first
collection we did, we sold it to a department store in New York and the buyer called some days after she received a thing and
she said that she had put on one of the jumpers and it dyed her blue because it was over dyed, I think she did get the humor.


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