Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep9 Vencer Sports Cars

Interview with name Robbert Cobben

This in a low volume exclusively mid-engine sports car is made in the Netherlands. Driving around in the Sarthe you will experience the perfection of all the technique covered in an unique design . Enjoy the 510 hp, mounted into the Hybrid chassis which is completed by the carbon exterior. Distinguish yourself by driving the Vencer Sarthe.


00:47 - 00:58
My name is Robert Cobben presenting the Vencer certain in its world
premier. It's a super car 510 horse power, made in eastern part of Holland.

01:04 - 01:19
Vencer is brand new we only started two and a half years ago. We've
developed it like a folio oem with all the rules and regulations there is about
a car and also the design, it has to be unique.

01:26 - 1:59
Our background is in the Building Industries. I did plumbing, heating,
electronics and those things. Somebody came along and said I want to buy
your company and like everybody has an amount in his head and he was
offering more. So I say okay, let's do it and I sold everything in 2008 and
one month later the big crisis came out, the economic crisis so I'm very
lucky afterwards, yea but nobody know and after that I thought, Well, what
am i going to do?


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02:06 - 02:17
I was a 2:06 and still am a 2:07 and everybody works with us. It's better at we are living cars day and night and everyday so

02:22 - 02: 34
First after selling my companies we traveled me and my girlfriend. We
traveled all over the world for almost a year. Two months later, I thought
I'm gonna do it and from then on I started with it.

02:39 - 02:45
I did research after it how to start with it, what are the main things we have to do before starting it?

02: 52 -03:03
A lot of people say to me wow, well you did a lot of work. I know, I know
and how did you come up with it? Well it just happens.


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I bought a coffee machine and I don't drink coffee, that was the first thing I did and afterwards we bought working space and computers everything for the development.

Cause the main thing is not the tooling but it's the
development, CID, everything around them.

03:35- 03: 43
So everything is done in soleverse from the first 3:38 to the last part of the interior

03: 50- 03:59
I had a little plan a little vision about what and where we want to go and
that's why we went and this is the result.

04:06 - 04:27
Holland isn't that big and also I use an accompanied 4:11 relief for head
hunting. I made a list of which employees are directly necessary and we
found somebody and their also living nearby so that's also great.


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04:34 - 04:51
First we start with a model we made a clay model but the clay model which
we can sit inside. The inside is enormously important for us. There are a lot of great cars but you can't sit in them, you can drive them and that's
something we didn't wanted.

04:58 - 5:20
We build one chassis and we do also the testing in real life. Because you're engineering it all in solid works but there are so much handing on building a chassis together that we thought, okay but what about something we did wrong you can’t go back so we did it in real life.

05:30- 05:52
In our neighborhood we have an airbase and we test it there. We can go,
whatever we want we can test there. That's why we did also a little
benchmark testing and that's also important and yea well and they have a lot of regulations and everything so we took it to every sing part of the car.


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05:59 - 06:10
We found our own spot in the big list of all the cars. Well our neighbors, we have Pagani they have their spot and we have our spot and we are unique in our spot.

06: 19 -06:50
I think the design also the prince mentioned that is a great line, he said to me. So I agree the lines are unique and also the interior, well you have to look inside with. We have the CIS System we developed it. It's a Central
Information System in the center of the interior and that's very unique. A lot of times you saw that in other cars something like that was used but this is unique, never seen before.

06:55 - 07:12
It's real, real drives car and also you're wife, my wife can drive with it,
groceries doing, the groceries won’t fit but yea but it's very, very fine car to drive and that's also become high on our list. It’s very important for us.

07:20 - 07:31
This is the first launch. We have a few interested. We told them you can
sign after today so they want it before but we don't want. The car hasn't
been seen by anybody until now.

07:37 - 07:50
For this year we only have 5 spots. Next year we have 12 spots and the year
after we have 18 spots and the second model will be the year after.

07:56 - 08:18
We are developing from next year the second model because we have a
competition outgoing and everybody in the world, every designer is
competing with each other. We asked them what do you want from us to
build and the end of the competition is the end of this year. That's the car we are going to engineer.

08:28 - 08:52

There are a lot of companies who are established and who do it the old
school way and they are also maybe I think a little bit afraid. They could
lose something, one big mistake and they're you know; gone but gone is
maybe a too big word for them. But they feel it I think, that way that's how the big designing studios who do their marketing.

09:02 - 09:34

Engine is a GM, in the engine from the Corvette. we loosen engine from that and it's totally changed into our specifications, we did the development together and we're very proud of them it's a big company and why should they work together with us? We were nothing in automotive, those big guys are little boys underneath and they also like the cars and power and everything and that's the entrance for us to do this with them.

09:41 - 10:01
This is totally mission wise fully done but for America you have to do
crashes, we do that later on. Well, it cost ten cars, it's a little bit sick we only build ten next year. Start prices going at 65,000 Euros.