Design & Decoration S01 ep12: Soledad Lorenzo, Lorenzo Gallery, [Madrid]

Interview with Soledad Lorenzo

I always say that I choose my artist through the same impulse that you fall in love. You don't know why. It's only through that you can convince people what you are presenting is good because you believe in it.



KM: What is Soldedad Lorenzo?

Well at this moment at my age I am really feel that my personality is absolutely
connected with my profession

KM: Why the Art world?

I was surrounded by artists, or writers or but at the same time I did not thought
that I could have the same intelligence of my father or my brothers to
understand this world. I was the smallest of the family and it was really in the
70's because of the death of my husband that I returned to Spain kind of at a
point Zero of my life.

KM: How do you explain the Spanish artist?

That is the mystery of our lives, no? Certain people are born with such a
strength. If you look at the work of Picasso he never painted something
modern - they were very classical things. They were women, it was
naturamont - still life, there were crucifixions, the classical things of Spanish art
and from there he broke from everything.

Art is the possibility of understanding better what surrounds you, through your
sight. We are taught in words, no? So it is a very different type of intelligence
but when you learn this type of intelligence I think it is much more total.

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Art for not for me for everybody has to be, to … be better to understand better
the world that surrounds you because the problems are the same of the artist.
The artist doesn't invent anything, the artist chooses what is there - he is a
human being, he is not a God who comes to give you revelations.

An artist is a great reader, normally he loves music, he loves cinema, he loves
architecture, he loves science and he loves technology. So that doesn't
happen very often.

The artist has to be able to control to create an image he wants ,to control the
physicity , so this is a little bit like…..closer to life because we are physic and

KM: When you were saying about the intellectualization of the visual, you..

It is not intellectualization; it is the intelligence to learn how to look at things.


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If you are taught to learn to see, you are blind. You can see but you don't
understand what you are, you have not educated your… the same way we
understand that we educate our minds through reading and everybody….. it is
very clear for everybody, well art is exactly the same. If we educate our sight
we understand better, it opens - I am not saying that words are, the words are
great communication for human beings but it is very abstract so with this
abstraction you can think of many things. And in image it is there as a reality,
and your interpretation varies from one person to the other. But that is life, we
are all different so we shall understand these images in a different way, but the
image is there as a presence.

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KM: Today the concept of art is so, so abstract…

No the concept has to be abstract because that is the mind. A concept, it is
the mind that develops this. To understand let us say the works of Damien
Hurst, I suppose for a person that has not had the intention, because we
decide what we want in life. If you don't want, you don't care about how, you
don't have to, there are many things and you can be a very intelligent person in
other things. I am not saying that it is necessary.

KM: Sure

But once you decide, what is happening there, why are people so interested,
why do museums exist, why certain human beings decide to concentrate their
lives in only creating images that is a necessity of human beings.

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What amazes me about my profession as a gallerist is to encounter people
and they say "Soledad I have no sensibility for art" , I say, “you have it” ,they
reply, "No no Soledad I am so clumsy" . I answer, but you came into my
gallery. If you are able to do that, everything is going to happen because you
are open.

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