Design & Decoration S01 ep6: Angelica Frescobaldi, Frescobaldi, [Milian]

Interview with Angelica Frescobaldi

The trend is not to fill up houses as much. If I am thinking of a house, I am thinking of a structure and since I've absorbed the Renaissance with all the proportions, the symmetry, the dimensions of the windows and how much light there should be and how high the ceiling has to be in proportion to the width and the length of the room, I can create a shell which has a nice harmony itself before you fill it up.



KM – Why are you doing this?

Because I am fascinated with aesthetics. I would say it started with my
background. My family comes from Florence and we always grew up in
between beauty.

I was always interested in the Architectural elements, so whenever I was
travelling I always had a sketchbook and I would always take sketches of
doors, windows, and the way the proportions were done. I thought at one point
of architecture and architecture went through great problems in Italy and so…

KM – So what did you end up doing?


KM – You’re kidding, so this was the pragmatic Italian thing...

This was the pragmatic side exactly.

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I hated university, I always thought that it was a fake science and I wanted
instead a very real science like I thought architecture or maybe you know
physics, or mathematics would have been that. But it was not the case in
business. Anyway I worked in statistics for two years, in the meanwhile I was
already doing more and more with interior decorating and finally I decided that
it was time to...

KM – Break free.



The thing I knew more about was antiques so I thought a way to know more
about it was to restore furniture. I was doing that in the morning and in the
afternoon I was working for House and Garden and they asked me to find
some things to do articles on in Italy.

I moved to, doing small pieces of furniture and carpets made exclusively by
Kleemes and at that point when I had a bit of a bit of bulk of stuff, I decided to
drop the magazine and drop the furniture and started my business.

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In every different period, let us say, there would be buildings in different ways,
and this would help me to recognise if something was fake or not. If you are an
interior decorator you can’t just offer decorative pieces but you have to be a
consultant for your client, telling them "this is a good piece of furniture, it is
valuable, go ahead and buy it".

KM – How do you work with your clients?

First of all, it is they that find me. They have seen something, or they are
friends of people for whom I've been working with, there are people that pass
by this showroom and start off with a piece of furniture, or have a frame done,
or whatever. It is a very kind, of eclectic medieval structure.

I must say that I am interested in the job if I can work on the box - the trend is
not to fill up houses as much. If I am thinking of a house, I am thinking of a
structure, that is why I was telling you before that I come from Florence and
I've sucked in all the Renaissance with all the proportions, the symmetry, the
dimension of the windows and how much light you have to have, and how high
the ceiling has to be in proportion to the width and the length of the room, and
all of that. That I find is very important bit, it has to have a nice harmony on
itself before you fill it up. And then you are sure half of the job is done.

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KM – What was so special about the Renaissance and the concept of scale,
where did it all come from?

Well they looked back to the past. They looked back to the Greeks and
Romans. They were going there and studying the exact proportions, taking
measures the whole time and from that they started off building again,
respecting the ancient proportions and then slowly modifying them.


The client never knows the box they want. The client would tend to think that
he can adapt his needs to the rooms in the way that they are. If he is very
illuminated he can think of slightly moving a wall, but not necessarily
renovating the whole thing.

KM – There is so much furniture out there, what are you doing that is

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I would say that my stuff is very classical but with a contemporary twist and it
is a sort of style that not necessarily one that you can find, because either you
can have reproductions or you have things done from designers and in
between you have quite a lot of ugly stuff.

KM – I am glad you put it that way.

I do have people that ask me some strange things - but I must say that I am
not at all impulsive but if I don't like something, I still do not have the courage
to say "that is revolting" I am starting more and more to be. On the whole I try
to be polite but I am not doing the things that I don’t like.

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