Design & Decoration S02 ep11 : Carlo Orsi, Orsi Medieval Art, [Milian]

Interview with Carlo Orsi




Orsii: My father was in the same business, he started to be a chemist, yeah a chemist but a change
with art. I don’t know why because you know sometimes we have to move to the right side of your
personality and even for me I started to be an architect so I went to the university and I studied to
be a sort of architect for restoration and monuments, buildings and I decide to do this business
because I am totally free and I like to be free, I like to travel, I like art, I learn quite a lot from the
taste of my father which was a great taste a great knowledge.

When your father was doing this in the 50’s, was he looking for predominantly Italian Renaissance
pieces or was he looking for everything?

Orsii: Everything, Renaissance, Baroque, R… M…, Bronze, C…

Orsii: The artwork in Italy is not concentrating only one place like for instance Paris, you know
each side or part of Italy is full of art made there so you can find Milan, furniture from North of
Italy, in Venito which is closed, they are Venetian style which is different, in Turin again close to
France you can find another style of art and again to when you go to Bologna, Florence or Rome or
Sicily they are different kind of style it’s very interesting, it’s much more eclectic.

Is it more difficult then to be a dealer in Italian art than it is to be a deal in period, French period
art or?


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Orsii: Yes, because, because French art is much more famous in the world, in Italy it’s not so easy,
we have low which they are not very good for the dealer, it’s not easy to export the pieces, in fact
if you want to buy now something from me you have to, I have to do, I have to declare to the
customs that I’m selling this piece and I have to declare to the Sovereign and then Sal… B…
which is the side of our government for art that I sold to you my … hold so I have to wait a month
to get the permission.

If we all go to say the most exact, the most perfect example of Italian art that’s equivalent to Louis
Cannes what would that be?

Orsii: Well I think it was the Medici family

… the equivalent of a King?

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Orsii: Yes, yes in the Renaissance period yes, after the Pope, the Vatican was a great collector and
they asked for religious art mainly and Italy again is different because in Naples the Bordolo
family, there was again the … there was a great sponsor for arts, again up to the north, the
Gunzaga the Trebuzio, lots of very important family was patron of art in Rome again, art, even the
great family like Cologne, Corsini you now Pinaiatelli those … collector.

Yeah but could they compare to what Louis

Orsii: No, no I think that the only one could be the Medici family starting in the Renaissance

The Renaissance also influenced French people.

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Orsii: Influenced even French people with the … yes, was very important for the art world, lots of
Italian art is going to the French court or to the German court or even if you remember, well one of
the greatest maker for rock crystal objects came from Milan and the name of this man is Mizaroni
is better known in Prague for the … second than in Milan because they made fantastic objects that
you can see in Vienna now or in Paris in rock crystal or lapis lazuli or …

Orsii: You can see object from Renaissance they are so funny so incredible made the design,
fantasy and Italy for that for fantasy they have enough, if you can see the furniture, the
Renaissance or Baroque really they are designed by artists which they are very eclectic because on
the French side they are most perfect maker in perfect style well done with material and, perfect
yes, in the Italian side more are from the idea from you know the side of the eclectic side of the

How do you compare your taste with your father’s taste?

Orsii: My father doesn’t like to travel and that’s very the big difference. What I like to do is going
away all the time so looking museum, looking person, looking everything which is very important
so my taste is different because I open my mind at one point in a different side of mind far mind.

Yeah but how do you choose your objects, what’s your criteria?

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Orsii: Mostly my research is for pieces which I like very much which I have a good feeling
otherwise I’m you know, I’m not full of stuff in my gallery, very few pieces and that’s my way to

Orsii: A recent acquisition was a painting by Bronzino we talk about Bronzino before and it was a
painting was a new discovery one point of a painting by Bronzino with Madonna and Child and
you can find the copy in the National Gallery London. This is the original and the one in the
National Gallery is the copy.

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