Design & Decoration S02 ep2 : Sergio Riva, Dilmos Gallery, [????]

Interview with Sergio Riva

Dilmos was founded in 1980 as an exhibition space for designer furniture. The articles selected were intended to be the most representative examples of modern design, side by side with furniture made by firms representing the contemporary style of the eighties. There was also an area for holding exhibitions and the result was that Dilmos started interacting more directly with the world of design, personally choosing which designers to work with and their articles. This commitment was the fruit of a growing awareness of the value and poetical significance of objects: a profound interest that led Dilmos to deal essentially with articles distinguished by a strong communicative and narrative force. Since 1985, when an exhibition dedicated to Alessandro Mendini was held, Dilmos has increasingly tended to choose designers and articles that fully express a philosophy where each piece of furniture is a representation and at the same time a key to the designerÌs deeper thoughts, a way of communicating and interacting with the world. Hence an object that communicates and not merely functional but not just a symbolic object-subject, a mute emblem of our hyper-communicating society either: this is the aim of DilmosÌs research, which is constantly working, debating and striving to outdo itself. No uniform stylistic design can be seen in the articles found at Dilmos; the consistency cannot be seen in the designers whose work has been displayed over these years but rather in the interactions and the mutual desire to treat the articles animating a home or a space as elements that virtually receive its thoughts and, through their great narrative ability, transmit its poetry and intentions. The languages of the designers are therefore many, because the gestures and thoughts of each one are many, but that does not mean that they are incommunicable. This is the thinking behind some of Dilmos Ìs experiences while working to make it possible for languages and poetries to communicate with each other.



Dilmos: Dilmos is, for us is a concept so is a new way of make furniture we try to work with
younger designer, we try to promote unknown designer and we try to produce something different
between art and design but more design than art, or in other case functional art.

Dilmos: My partner she opened the door, she had the feeling to understand that to make something
different and so she met the big designer like Alexandro Menini … Danny Lane and she start to
make different exhibition, different presentation of this designer.

Dilmos: Dilmos is 27 year old, the first store of pure design in Milan. We start with stapelini, we
start with fresco and we start with Baleri then there is, we evolve because we met young designer,
not real designer and not real artist and we try to organise with them something different because
all the people open the door of the store ask for something special, ask for something different, ask
every time for something new. And we try to make that with these young guys.

Dilmos: We are not closed in the box, we are very open and so we try every kind of way just to
make something different, to have new way, to make experimentation.


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Dilmos: I start with Glella 16 years ago and we decide to promote our own collection in that case
we decide also to have this kind of exhibition with new designer but also to produce our collection
and the Dilmos tradition start in that moment.

Dilmos: We are known in the world because we are making this kind of job so designer call us
from everywhere more, we try to promote basically Italian designer because we are Italian and we
try to promote the Italian designer in the world. But, we work also with some designer outside of
Italy and we decide to make this our own collection just to have something more to show.

Dilmos: Dilmos is also a store and we have three kind of different way, we represent exclusivity
some special companies in design, we have our own collection and we promote also some
numbered pieces when we make an exhibition … different designer so our things could become
the future antique.

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Dilmos: Sometimes are unique pieces, sometimes are series and sometimes we made without
numbering without nothing because many time when you produce one piece by hand it’s not the
same so and every table you can realise is special size with three legs, six legs, four legs.

Dilmos: We are a group, I work with my partner and with designer or with the guys who work with
us because I think that the group is very important because you can have different idea and when
you put a lot of idea all together you can realise the best.

Dilmos: If a new guy is answering in the group, he have to show something different so in every
guys specialising in something, so there is the guys who work on fusion on aluminium, the guys
who work with the stone, the guy who work with the plastic and so and we mix all the, we are so
when there is the theatre with the marionette, you understand, … we work with the guys and we
say the guys no this is correct, is not correct no, this is, I love this sense, Dilmos is the movies.

Dilmos: We use technology but use also old technical because we use the gold leaf, we were the
first to use the gold leaf on basic design. We was the first to use this lacquer is a mother of pearl so
we make a lot of research also on material, and we pay very attention to the application to the
material and so that is very important just to create our philosophy. The movies because
sometimes is the future, sometime is the past, sometimes is contemporary, is a parcel, this Dilmos
is a film, is a parcel is more like.

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Dilmos: A lot of time I work with interior decorator or with big designer they are making big
project and they need to have something special for their decoration of their important hall in a
hotel or the suite so they come to me and they ask can you realise something special for me and I
think about and I take my designer, we work.

Dilmos: I work with this hotel designer name now, is the first hotel from an H hotel from Spain
and the first was made in Milan and his name is Now Hotel and we work a lot with this project
because the guys who is partner in this operation is a friend of me and he loves to make something
special, something different and so we make the community space and we make all the suite we
make all the showing yes, we make a lot of thing. We work with some discotheque in Italy because
they love to have some special bar and so we realise for them, aluminium fusion we work for bar,
we realise mosaic column.

Dilmos: We try to make enjoy to work to enjoy ourselves and just to enjoy people who buy these
pieces, is a strange philosophy but it’s a little bit Zen so you know you understand. Is not only
business, is special.

Dilmos: The inspiration comes from the world, so and so if you are on the ground you can see
everything and you can make the new and the old and you can meet. Because you are full of story
and inside of you there is the past and the future and this is that we try to explain with our job.

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Dilmos: We try to have partner … because is very difficult to have it our concept because is our
own personalised concept, but you can have one mixed Dilmos with another concept and so we
prefer to have partner … to have a store where I present us in New York, a store where, and work
very close with the owner of the store about our philosophy and mix our philosophy with the
philosophy of the store.

Dilmos: Happiness is more or less up and down so and sometimes people come in the store and
they, oh, are you crazy, what are you doing? And sometimes people come in the store and so oh
my God, is the paradise, is wonderful and so and that’s the way because we made a job very hard,
very different and so is difficult that everybody can love what we do because it’s very personal.

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