Design & Decoration S02 ep6 : Daniele Lorenzon, Tingo Design, [Milian]

Interview with Daniele Lorenzon

Offering some of the most unique objects from superstar Italian designers



Tingo: So Tingo is an idea made by me and my other few partners. It was basically based on
ancient world, came from the P… Island, people that means the attitude to go in house of friends
and pick up objects until there is nothing left in the place.

Tingo: It start two years ago. We used to work with high level designers from the late 50’s up to, to

Tingo: This was made from Dutch design, called Zlotwig, it’s a limited edition and it’s an iron

Tingo: We have three partners, design is the common element of the passion we share. But one of
my partners he’s a chef. I have a degree in Science and the third partner has a pharmacist.

Tingo: This is marble and is a very simple design and are based in a pure shape and this is part of a
quite huge collection, designed in 1972 by Angelo Mangelotti.

Tingo: This is from Alexandro Mandeni, it’s a head made in limited edition and presented this year
in the gallery, it’s basically a vase but can also be used as a decorative object.

Tingo: We didn’t meet in Milan, we met on ebay. One of the partners did an auction, he forgot to
put the reserve price on a piece and I got this piece and I met him in the warehouse of he at the
time had and we start talking, we start sharing design interests on design.


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Tingo: That was made by Angelo Mangelotti and … this is from J… those are crystal vases with
once again organic shapes.

Tingo: This is not an art gallery but it’s a design gallery, that means that refers to objects and to
pieces that basically made for industrial production. We also do new limited edition with
designers, I mean Angelo Mangelotti, Andre Br… Will Opetra.

Tingo: This is part of the brand new collection we are presenting made by Andre Bra… in ceramic.
This is a limited edition of vases and they are called the Portali, the port house, and they all works
little areas in which a flower can be exhibited. My two partners have a special relation with these
very famous designers so that’s why they said okay why don’t you try to start with some of your
pieces exhibited in the gallery, okay, let’s try and then it’s quite fast and easy to see if it’s a good
relation or it’s something that can go wrong.

Tingo: This is a lighting sculpture designed as a prototype by Andre Bra… this year and it works
with plexiglass and lead lighting.

Is that a printed circuit board here?

Tingo: It’s the back of the l… system, this is a one off piece.

Tingo: Someone could try to put something on it but it’s quite strange.

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How old is the designer?

Tingo: Almost 70 years old.

Tingo: It has a very heavy lock on the bottom and then grows very light at the main … astonishing.

What was the inspiration for this do you think?

Tingo: It’s the field of nature because they seen some little trees and also quite organic shapes, the
… the surface, of dreaming mood because it’s quite different from the switch it on and the switch
it off.

Tingo: Last year we used to present in the gallery a collection of pieces made by Karem Roshid,
that is a very famous and contemporary design, but the gallery specialised in Italian design made
with Italian firms.

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Tingo: Seating for the outside that can also be used inside. They’re in plastic from Cartel designed
in 1989 by Anna Castelli Fariel, they are very comfortable and also easy to set up and they also
have a little wheels on the back to be moved. Very simply. Angelo Mangelotti made in the late
60’s most of them and also brand new designs like this one, that we made and presented this year
and the shelf is a quite strong piece from the late 70’s made by Sapoleti and all stainless steel.
Once again by Angelo Mandrotti, but it’s a kind of godfather of the gallery. This is a prototype, an
iron plate, with those very simple drawings that characterise his works and this is a sculpture, once
again a prototype, it’s plexiglass.

Tingo: Last War in the Second World Milan and other cities was completely destroyed and out of
architects they don’t have anything to project or to design so they used to get starting from very
little pieces I mean chairs, tables, lighting, for example in … started … works with … there. And
this is a silver object from Andre Bra… designed for Pampeloni in 1996, the mood of the nature
more you see the leaf drawing, this is another collection presented this year drawings of Angelo

Tingo: This is a great edition of a very famous piece called Collena Hill shown in Italy in the new
domestic landscape exhibition in New York in 1972 for pieces that can stay alone or also together
by …

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Tingo: It was very, very easier than today for an artist get in touch with a writer or get in touch
with a painter, or get in touch with a producer, … was very young when he started working Olivetti
offices and he was an artistic director of Olivetti for a very long time. Today opportunities like this
are very, very hard to find. Ceramic works made by Edward Tostas designed in 1964, they are
called Toten, made in production in 1995. The international furniture fair in Milan has a special
area called Salon Sa… light place in which young designers are called to exhibit something and
out of industries see some pieces and pick them up and start producing. A very young artist that
tried to do something in the ceramic works used to be painter, her name is Sandr… I told you
before, a special connection with a super ego brand that works with limited edition collections,
basically with glass and ceramics and metals, the past April we presented a quite huge collection
of new designers that we found around so it’s our policy. They are light design in the 60’s made in
Venice, each piece different from the other one because of the … treatment and they are both
designed by Angelo Mangelotti. Another piece from the same collection of the head on the other
table made by Alexandra Mendini in limited edition. Designed by Guido Gambone 1975, no one of
them can be recognised as anyone that we know. I used to exhibit those pieces on the window each
evening changing the position of the animals. A few days ago a person came in the gallery and say
okay what’s happened with the animals where did they go because I put them in other place.

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