Design & Decoration S03 ep11 : Hedwig Rotter, Rotter Porcelain, [Vienna]

Interview with Hedwig Rotter

Hedwig Rotter graduated from the master class for product design/ceramics under Matteo Thun at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. She also studied industrial design under Ramon Beneditto at the Escola de disseny Elisava in Barcelona. In recent years, her projects have included the development of logos; color and trend scouting activities for Hirsch European Watches; the design of a set of hot chocolate mugs for Zotter; and the development of an accessories line for Palmers. Hedwig Rotter participated in a competition sponsored by the Vienna Environmental Agency on the theme of "Viennese Water Pitchers" with the design for a pitcher with accompanying glass. She also took part in the 19th International Biennial for Contemporary Ceramics in 2006 in Vallauris. In the same year, she was selected by the "Talents" program at the Tendence fair in Frankfurt. 


Manna Design yeah it came from Mannos and Latin and also in Spain Manno, Spanish it stands for
my working process, every piece is handmade.

I start very late with 27, one day I make a workshop with an artist, a sculpture and I get in love
with this material you know it’s very … it’s very fragile, it’s very soft so I decide to study at the
University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Henry Dunay Jewellery

I’m only working with porcelain it’s organic and it’s soft, I couldn’t work with metal or with wood.

It’s important that the products are functional of course, that they are not only for the shelves. It’s
also important for me that the products have a story, that they are telling stories and also that they
are sometimes multifunctional.

I think there is no border, it’s not so important to separate into design or into art and some of my
works they are both, they are, they are maybe they can stand in a gallery or but also in a shop.

Morning I’m doing office work and emails and orders and so on and then production sometimes I
have some helpers but not always and yeah it’s not an eight hour day, it’s a 20 hour day
sometimes. I love it. It’s much work but I’m my own boss you know.


Henry Dunay Jewellery

I like to experiment with other materials and to try other things and to combine this with porcelain.

Normally you use this to produce a normal vase and now I change this and I make a product from
this negative form, it’s only the idea of a vase, you can use it as a vase but I only want to show that
the working process.

Henry Dunay Jewellery

People are laughing sometimes about the products when they are looking at maybe these air
sickness bags because normally this is paper you know and now you see this in porcelain or they
are laughing about this or I have a product calling network and the first impression is oh God, it’s
so fragile and then you can put it on, it can fall down and it doesn’t break and this is a very strange
moment for the people because it’s … plastic material.

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