Design & Decoration S03 ep12 : Jordy Fu, Fu Design, [London]

Interview with Jordy Fu

Yu Jordy Fu had her first solo exhibition at Beijing Capital Museum at age of six, and her artwork has been published into two books and exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennale. Yu Jordy Fu graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design with a first-class degree in Spatial Design, then a Master of Arts in Architecture from Royal College of Art. In 2005, Jordy was chosen by the British Council to be one of the ten young designers representing creativity in UK in a touring exhibition in China. In 2008 Jordy was commissioned by the Southbank Centre in London to design chandeliers for Royal Festival Hall. Jordy launch her first sustainable product range ‘Cloud Lamps’ ( in Dec 2008, which received worldwide success and have been published in over 30 architecture and design magazines in 19 countries.


Artist and architect that’s how I see myself. I had my first solo exhibition when I was six years old
and I published two books, one at seven and another one at 19.

My first solo show was at the Beijing Capital Museum when I was six years old and I exhibited
over 200 pieces of drawings and paintings.

When I came to London I was only 16 years old so for me everything is a fresh start, I wasn’t
trained in a Chinese art school so I wouldn’t really compare in terms of contemporary art in China
gradually is getting really, really exciting there are lot of new young artists and designers but I
think in terms of schooling is more focusing on drawings rather than in London is more focusing
on ideas and the development of ideas.

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This is called Cloud Walk it’s a modular chandelier made with recycled paper and to be used with
low energy LED flexible strips. It can be purchased by metre after the show. So for example you
can buy one metre for your bedroom and you can buy a couple of metres for a hotel lobby and then
you can reconfigure it so you hang it vertically for the hotel lobby and horizontally for your

Normally I would start with a story so for example most of my lampshades is about story of either
a building I designed or imagine. For example this one is started with my idea of London, all of the
paper cut out is about a … space or event in the city, here is the Tower Bridge and shopping in
Selfridges, exciting bars and clubs and this is a view from the Victoria embankment, here is the
House of Parliament and this is … in Cathedrals, the City Hall and the southbank and … and St
Paul’s and children playing by the southbank and this is some … in Hyde Park, the London Eye,
that’s the … so all of this is sometimes is imaginary or existing and proposed London.

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As an artist I feel I’m not really contributing to this world that’s why I came to London to study
design to hope that I can use my creativity to bring something better to other people instead of just
having people looking at my artwork, so I studied design at … St Martin’s and then I studied
architecture at the Royal College of Art. And I worked in some of the most prestigious architecture
firms such as Skidmore & St Morrow, Future Systems, Ralph A… & Associates and also I work
with DWP it’s an Asia based architecture firm. At the same time I design … mostly focused on
sustainable products such as my cloud lamp collection.

I started using paper as a material when I was studying architecture at the Royal College of Art
because the language of architecture I designed is very fluid and layered so it’s very hard to
express with other modelling material and then I exhibited that architecture project at the Venice
Biennale in 2006 and then people loved it and they wanted to buy the model so I thought oh why
not transform it into a commercial product so that’s why I start making lampshades.

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For me paper is a very fascinating material because it was invented thousands of years ago and we
use paper to communicate our thoughts, dreams and desires, it’s very emotional material and now
it’s kind of forgotten because we no longer write letters because we spend so much time in front of
computer so I think for me it’s a very intimate material and also I use recycled paper so it’s about
this product sending out a sustainable message.

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The lamps or chandeliers it’s not like dishes or coffee cups that you touch every single day it’s
more about to create this delicate feel and bring magic and intimacy in your space.

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