Design & Decoration S03 ep13 : Tomaso Piva, Piva Antiques, [Milian]

Interview with Tomaso Piva

Tomaso Piva follows in the footsteps of his father to offer exceptional works of Italian renaissance art & furniture."


Piva is a family. My grandfather started work after the war in Italian furniture 18 and 19 Century.
My father continues and now me, I work with my father.

I started to become a lawyer but in the end I decided to continue the work of the family because I

You always have to study, all your career all the life you study and you learn.

I hope that this is enough to be interested to have the passion but you have also to be honest, you
must have a different quality to be a good dealer, not only the knowledge of the art.

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The specialise is the furniture, Italian furniture, 18th Century special, the north Italian, Venetian
and Lombardi.

In France they have a style and the other country follow the same style but they make us work
different way so with different materials, with different design and some case, in Italy for example
there are not a lot of guild bronzes on the furniture as you can see in France or in Germany.

In Italy you have some good maker that works very well with good material but generally the
Italian furniture the quality of the construction is rusted because in Italy we don’t have a lot of
makers there are a lot of school in France or in Germany you have like in Italy you have the
painter or the paintings are signed like the furniture in France but in Italy the furniture signed are
very rare.

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It’s difficult to find the high quality yes, the high quality, we can only find by the family who has
this furniture from the origin or sometimes in some auction.

For the furniture is more Italian customers and for the sculpture you know is different the Italian
marble, the Italian terracotta, the Italian m… is also so you can find international customers.

Italy’s rich of works of art so the States always defend they want to decide if you can bring out also
your watch if you a plate everything that has more than 50 years old. If you buy not in Italy you
have to do every paper to import in Italy and to have the proof that it came from a foreign country
so you can go out also.

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I sell some important pieces but also the owner the man who sold me the pieces known that it was
important, a good Mar… commode or a P… cabinet, these are two of the most important furniture
maker Italian.

I like also scientific instruments like globes, … furs, sundials and a lot of French objects and guild
bronze like vases, mounted in guild bronze, these is my speciality so I want to put in our gallery
also some objects that I like.

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Maybe is more difficult to find a good piece of furniture, a good sculpture because when you have
a real thing you find also a customer or collector.

When I start to expose here the Tefaf, I have the possibility to know some museums and it’s good
now we have some contact with them and we sell something to them.

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