Design & Decoration S03 ep15 : Franco Deboni Rita, Fancsaly Gallery, [Milian]

Interview with Franco Deboni Rita

The gallery, established by Rita Fancsaly and Franco Deboni in 1993, is actually located in Milano, in the Brera district, a few meters from the Accademia di Brera. Under the artistic direction of architect Franco Deboni, one of the best reputed experts in decorative arts of the Twentieth century, author of some books about Italian glass, which are internationally considered as the reference for this subject, the gallery presents a high selection of masterpieces of design, mostly Italian, with a special interest for the designers active in the period between 1930 and 1990. A special attention is given to glass works, a field where, with the effort of Mr. Deboni, we are able to present a stock of museum quality items, from the major firms and designers of the period. 


Here we have a selection of some major names of Italian design of the 20th Century like Jaconti,
Angelo Mangeoloti, Richard …, …. And others and a good selection of Italian glass because our
field of specialisation is mostly glass.

I was fascinated by glass since I was a child honestly and then it happened I arrived in Venice 1969
to study architecture and it was a city of glass no, I was following the companies what they were
producing at that time and my first job in fact was to design glass.

Immediately after I finished the architecture when I was, I got my Degree, I had to design lamps
and objects for a … company and at that moment I was very lucky because I had a fantastic
teacher, one of the most famous master blowers of the time.

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The moment I came into this company they gave me as a kind of a personal trainer one of the most
famous glass blowers of the period whose name was Adino Carrarer and he teach me, mostly about
the technique of making glass and I was so fascinated and I started to study about 20th Century
Italian glass because at that time that we are talking about 1975 there were no books, no reference,
no nothing, just old catalogues and step by step I started studying, I was very lucky because I had
the chance to meet personally some of the most important personalities of the period.

It’s a very difficult approach for someone who have never been involved in really making glass
because okay maybe you design something but it is not possible to realise it in glass or more often
you don’t know what you could really make with glass because if you don’t know the techniques
so you have a great limit in this.

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I was lucky because I had a chance to learn how it works all the different techniques, but live at the
moment looking at the master blowers not just looking at the video or reading a book, that was a
great experience for me, that changed my life totally, I dedicated most of my life studying and I
was always involved in a certain way with glass. I also make my own glass.

It’s a fascinating material. It has something magic in it, it’s seems so light, so fragile, but in the
same time it’s also so strong and you have so many possibilities of colours, or different techniques
of making and it remains really like a magic object but especially if you have seen how they work
it. When it becomes a liquid and how difficult it is to work on it and also very heavy and dense …
it’s really something totally different from any other kind of material.

You never know what will happen. You start in a certain way but you don’t like which point you
will arrive. Maybe some times everything comes out wrong and sometimes you are incredibly
happy and you receive such a joy.

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You cannot understand how they are able to be so close to such a great heating because of the
temperature it is incredible and it’s really a very heavy work and the way they work the glass if
you see an object, a finished object, you have no idea how different ways they have to go through
in order to arrive to that result.

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We wanted to present a selection of the different aspects of Italian design of the post war period so
we try to put together a selection from different … with different spirits, a very technological like
this iron armchair by … or a total explosion of fantasy like the big chandelier by Vinnini … or this
table in black granite, very simple shape and very elegant and very pure, or the red chairs by J…

We have more clients abroad than in Italy. In Italy they either think that they’re used to seeing the
house of their parents or relatives so just really much more interest from international yes.

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