Design & Decoration S03 ep15 : Marion Courtille, Courtille Design, [Paris]

Interview with Marion Courtille

After studying crafts (cabinetmaking) and then the applied arts, Marion Courtillé occupies the interface between craft and design by establishing her identity through the reassignment of materials. How can one be innovative with a material that has already been worked for many centuries? By using techniques on this material generally applied to other materials. Here, the working of the leather is inspired by wood. The leather is carved, bent, compacted… The transfer perpetuates the illusion, the leather becomes solid, it is worked in depth and in colour


First I hope I am an artist you know because I have artistic references. The concrete stuff that I just
between designer and craft you know and I like to be to stay there.

I’m from the south of France. I always really wanted to follow some artistic studies so I did that
quite young when I was 14 years old.

When I get 17 I knew that building objects would be my way of creation I mean and I just came in
Paris to make Eco… I just visited the workshop and I really loved the atmosphere and I was a bit
amazed at what people can do after three years only so I decided to go there.

Henry Dunay Jewellery

It’s really practical, you have maybe 15 hours a week just for practising and so the first year just
learning the basic techniques of cabinet making, it’s pretty hard the first year, we were only two
girls I remember in the workshop and it’s pretty old school kind of learning you know so we just …
to go out for dates pretty hard the first month but after you just, I just fall in love with the job.

I wanted to do sculpture at the beginning so I went to sculptures workshop during the night.

I have to make a masterpiece for my, to get my cabinet making diploma and it was such an
interesting year you know you just have to imagine furniture piece of furniture and you have to tell
a story about this piece of furniture and do it by yourself.

Henry Dunay Jewellery

I’m working with leather since three years and I’m just transferring my wood technique, my, the
knowledge I learned during cabinet making formation only there.

My interest in this project is to prove that leather is, can be sufficient to build an old (whole?)

Laminating leather so the density is thicker, research is on glue and techniques.

I had a big order this year and it was 14 armchairs, leather armchairs, these kind of customers I
mean wants that you know wants a unique piece and like by hands for sure in the traditional way.

Henry Dunay Jewellery

When it’s jewels I’m using really fine leather but at 20 I never learned how to work with leather
and I don’t want to because it’s not my goal I mean I want to be innovative, I just force myself to
use only my wood knowledge to work with leather.

No for the furniture it’s really strong and thick leather that you’re using for houses seats but I have
also I’m working marquetry on leather so in this technique I can play with different kinds of
leather like we are playing in marquetry with different veneer.

Henry Dunay Jewellery

I also have another technique where I trying to create a veneer in the leather I’m using a technique
where I using in cabinet making.

Had a special exhibition just for my work so I have my name really big and to be there if people
needed to ask some questions and they always ask me do you know where we can contact the
artist, yeah it’s me

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Marion Courtille, Courtille Design, Paris