Design & Decoration S03 ep16 : Tatyana Arzamasova Lev Evovitch Evgeny Svyatsky, AES+F, [Moscow]

Interview with Tatyana Arzamasova Lev Evovitch Evgeny Svyatsky

Russian based photo-conceptualist group AES (made up of artists Tatyana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovitch, and Evgeny Svyatsky). The artist collective combines conceptual architecture, graphic arts, animation and photography to create fantasy worlds combining classical western mythology with contemporary global consumerism. Their acclaimed work "The Feast of Trimalchio" retells Petronius's epic poem from the "Satyricon" for a twenty-first century audience. Using the imagery of high-fashion, cinema, lifestyle magazines, and luxury design, "The Feast of Trimalchio" is an Olympic-sized orgy of wealth and pleasure. 


I met Tatiana in the architectural institute, we are architects, but we never work together, just live
together. Before we met the third Mr S and who make some kind of balance in between us so we
started to work as three of us and then the fourth member, Mr F, he joined us in the middle of 90’s.

Mr S and Mr F now in Moscow preparing next exhibition, a Moscow premiere of Fist of … which
will be in the Rush exhibition.

We never worked as architect so just maybe one year after college
But was virtual architecture
Yeah but we worked all the time with virtual with conceptual architecture and Mr S he is by
education graphic designer and so when we united we made only art.

For us this video installation is of course the most rich form because
Rich language
Yeah you work with film, you work with space so with everything but we’re making not only
videos so we also make many sculptures, this is also very interesting when the virtual world
became to be physical and also we make sometimes drawings and of course we call it digital
paintings so some collages. Each media gives another meanings so we try to be
It’s possible to enlarge the space of the project because you’re operating if to tell the truth we are
not that trained in our architectural school also we had lessons of painting, for sculpture and so, so
we are quite free and we can play with media.

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We are living in a times of Baroque, Baroque it’s a you know area of richness of expressions, of …
of everything and you know all medias are working you know with the pressure of images, not
only beauty, images of war, images of some catastrophes, information and it’s really a great
pressure of image and we try to catch the power of the image and to keep it.

I think that we were we started to lead in the times, maybe we are more close to 18th Century, the
time of Baroque in some sense than to 20th Century with conceptualism, minimalism and so on
Modernism and s…
So this is some kind of new Baroque which is mixed of course with contemporary media.

This is not stop motion, only in few shots, this is some other problems for morphing.
It’s done from photography. Animated photography.

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We have very similar roles from beginning because first step is a creating of the concept. When
everybody agrees and we can share our duties doing the film.

First step is to agree on something of course and then usually this is the process which is similar of
making films so we never write the classical scripts, the literal script and usually we are working
with some ideas of images and then during editing we just connect these images with each other
but this is not the story of, not psychological story of hero so this is images, moving pictures.

We try to make some kind of narrative but then to break this narrative.
Freedom to understand the story but story does not exist, it’s a ghost of narrative.
But it has some logic of ..

From one hand this is two separate films and now we will do the third one but from other hand this
is so maybe it develops some how, some sense or some main concept developing through these

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What we are doing are much more interesting in the sense of expression something so because
when you are making film you are tight and you have to do the things what we don’t like to do so
… the frame you know production
And we absolutely free which is impossible in film productions.
And art field is much more friendly for you know any creativity because when you have no hard
pressure of producer or you know film company or you are free, you are alone and you can do
whatever you want.

Also we have some assistance some 3D artists and some people who work with all this morphing
program and so this is the big international team
Yeah but nothing to do with our sketches.

Kostas: When I was interviewing Romeo Gilli in Italy you have to be an architect first then you
become a fashion designer.

Yeah but you know the same was in Moscow in our generation so even some old … came from
architectural institute yes.

Now we have quite international scene and some international institutions as for example Moscow
D… and of course it’s very good for art scene but still you know I think inside the mentality of
people there are a lot of complexes which is of course takes some time I think.

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It’s difficult to say now what is unique
Unique Russian or unique Australian sensibility but in the same time this is truth, it is difficult to
say that this is just, just Russian but inside I think there is some kind of Russian maybe Russian …
humour what we are doing for example we so.

I think it’s a triple risk, yes first to be an artist and not to be protected from anything, second risk is
just travelling as any traveller you are also under pressure of risk and of course you are not saved
from unsuccess of your you know pure passion to art and if you will fail. But it’s a great pleasure
you know.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Tatyana Arzamasova Lev Evovitch Evgeny Svyatsky, AES+F, Moscow