Design & Decoration S03 ep19 : Cesare Lampronti, Lampronti Gallery, [Rome]

Interview with Cesare Lampronti

Cesare Lampronti specialises in old master paintings since 1961 and from that period is very active on the international scene and in auction rooms. He has published since 1983 more than 12 catalogues about gallery's exhibitions focusing on still-lifes, landscapes and views of Italian and Flemish artists from the 17th and the 18th century."


I am the third generation of antique dealer, they start from my grandfather Cesare after my father
Georgiou and now they started in 1914 in Rome.

I am studied … economist but my passion is the art.


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Now it is the work of me that to buy the private .. family because in the auction is a great passion
pleasure 28% is too much.

About 40 Italian people is a little more difficult to export the paintings because of the is the too
many restriction in the … for exportation.

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I have to … it in view of the landscape on the view of the town and that is my speciality so yes I
think that before it was possible to deal everything now collectors are more informed than now we
are obliged to choice a branch of the painting all the master painting … speciality of the Cesare.

I have two important paintings by … they becomes from P… G.. in Venice. I have important
painting by R… whose become for private family in Spain and I have one … of London, one view
of Rome by Bernardo B…and I have a seven work of art by C… but the most important painter
specialised in view of Rome it is the same as a C… is for Venice.

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Most my client is Italian but we are dealing most of all with American people or also sometimes
Russian people and we start to talk with the … is opening a Chinese market.

Dutch paintings are very, very perfect in their technique of painting. Italian painting is a more
sentimental and less technique and it is a very interesting to see the works of art of Dutch painting
in the travelling in Italy because they have the technique and analytical for their Dutch painter and
sentimental corner for Italian art and it is a very good mix.

Henry Dunay Jewellery

When I was very young I was about 22 years I found in a little market a portrait of a man from a
little b… and there was a very bad golden frame, I told the … I don’t want the frame, the stupid
frame, take out and they take out, they saw that there was the painting was a … Jacque JLD and …
want to sell I bought there was a portrait of Marais by Jacque Louis David.

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