Design & Decoration S03 ep3 : Claudia Uth Augarten, Augarten Porcelain, [Vienna]

Interview with Claudia Uth Augarten

Augarten porcelain is world-famous for its delicate and graceful shape, its clean lines and exquisite details. Combining sophisticated craftsmanship, artistic design and the latest technical equipment, Augarten uniquely blends time-honoured tradition with a contemporary approach to art. The finest porcelain is still produced and painted by hand in our manufactory at Augarten castle just as it has always been. Located at the geographical crossroads of European cultures and as one of the oldest European names in porcelain, Augarten Wien has symbolised the continuity of timeless Viennese tradition, art and culture for almost 300 years now."


12:35 - 12:45
my name is Claudia Ruth and I'm here in the porcelain manufacture
of Vienna this is our reflection store in the heart of Vienna.
12:56 - 13:27
Augatten is at first the oldest barick park in the heart of Vienna but
Augatten is at the same time one of the oldest manufacturing of
posaline in Europe it's the second oldest manufacturing after
Miensence and until nineteen twenty three it was called old Vienna
now we call it Augatten because the old manufactory was closed in
eighteen sixty four and it was reopened in nineteen twenty three.
13:41 - 14:22
Meissen was one of the oldest manufactory founded three hundred
years now ago white ago there was a man in Vienna his name was
Claudio's inosentincapiear he came from the Netherland and he liked
to bring the porcelain here to Vienna and he got acanno the acanno
recept to make possaline so he went back to Vienna and he got
permission to produce for 25 years up from 1718 white gold means
porcelain in Vienna.

14:33 - 14:39
It was in the heart of Vienna and we called three posgalandas.
14:58 - 15:10
But they found out that only the KAOLIN makes the porcelain white
in its QUARTZ and FELDSPAR and KAOLIN and KAOLIN was the last
thing he found out that he will need for porcelain .
15:22 - 15:49
Marco polo bought the porcelain the bone shiner six hundred years
ago from China to Europe and until the eighteen century all porcelain
pieces came from Asia when they found out how to make the
porcelain here in Europe they tried to imitate the Asian porcelain so
you find equal decoration there.
16:08 - 16:20
Everything we do is we do by hand and everything is an unique piece
and our manufacturist Augarten and need made by hand.
16:31 - 16:41
We have Misen, we have Augarten we have Nymphebourg we have
Capiereeman Berline we have Herend from Hungary.

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17:03 - 17:38
We had the big influences from the imperators because twenty five
years after Derpofica got the permission to produce possaline he was
really successful he made a big name he had a big success but he lost
a lot of money my realtericia she was the imperator should took the
manufactory under her sate perioum up to seventeen forty four we
used the bardenburker to stem we until used today you can see it
under your cup under your saucepan.
17:49 - 18:10
I have a very colourful business line behind me I study art and
duration and I made my way and since Morden one year I'm
responsible here not only for the production for new products but
only marketing press and media and for some markets for sale.
18:27 - 19:06
I think we are now the smallest manufacturing in Europe we only
have thirty people they produce the porcelain to compare it with
Meissen they have seven hundred people we changed our owners
more than six times that's on one hard very hard because we had to
find our way out six times on the other hand every owner brought
into the manufacture his idea and his lines and so e have a huge
variety, pattern and shape we have know one man he is the owner of
the manufacture his name is Dr. Ian kosoffic.
19:18 - 19:34
porcelain mass it's like wine we can use liquid and we have a like
paste and the paste should be wait for a special time before until its
ready to work with it depends on the weather its cold or hot its
special it's a diva.
19:42 - 19:55
Today you have to go new ways because the porcelain industry lost
its influence many people are going to star bucks and each write to
keep the secret of high table we sell Luxury.

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20:11 - 20:31
You have to create so called must have many people don't know
that we are exiting may people don't know how we are producing it
and every day from Monday to Friday we offer a guided tour through
the manufacture and everybody who came to us it amazing.
20:46 - 21:20
There are big brands like Emese olabewendo produces china that's
really cheap to produce that it's only the brand what makes it worth
to buy it everybody who comes to us can see we produce it by hand
people are asking how we work with our environment how much
people with special skills work here where i put our money and that
could be our success.
20:29 - 21:47
For all master painter she was sixteen when she started and when
she was sixty she worked left we find people with special skills and
then they learn and then you know we have a lifelong learning

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22:03 - 22:22
we have some older and younger artist we work together with them
designers like Godfillpalidien, Gudiendeeds or Lucadded they are
very young or marcudesi we made a special project with him last
year and he was really successful that idea in new York rent him
under the forty designers worldwide.

22:28 - 22:34
he's from Italy he's a Dentist that's why he was used to work with
posaline its a special skill we need.
22:47 - 23:24
porcelain is like a diva you need very special things to produce
porcelain because porcelain will be fired for the first time with nine
hundred and twenty celcius and for the next time with fourteen
hundred and it will be the point it will be smashed we have to use
some special forms to keep the form we place it in the second firing
as fourteen hundred great and that is the melting point and or
nearby the melting point and you have to keep the form perfect.

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23:34 - 23:50
For one figure you have to use between 60 and 70 special forms to
put it in or put it together it's really hard and it takes time and that's
why the price is higher.
23:56 - 24:11
We have the so called European heart posaline it holds the same
pressure a steel the whiteness and the glaze it's not really dishfural
awasha safe but you can use a dishwasher only use half of the thing
to clean it.
24:23 - 24:37
We have a customer he loves Thai and we made a figurene a thai he
is playing a flute he made a big success we made a holsehose the
figurine the Emily.

24:44 - 24:57
My favourite thing really is art I love art I love to create things and
we are a team there we have really high skill workers and painters
and we haven't had deer and then we do it.

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