Design & Decoration S03 ep4 : Shen Shaomin, Shaomin Artist, [Beijing]

Interview with Shen Shaomin

Shen Shaomin (born China 1956) has connected art and life, craft and the mechanical, in major sculptural installations covering themes of war, futuristic crisis, scientific abomination and the manipulation of nature. One of the most critically and socially aware of contemporary Chinese artists, his works use ancient Chinese culture to comment on contemporary ecological issues, politics and technology. In the early 2000s, Shen created a series of imaginary, 'extinct', monstrous creatures made from bone. In 2010 Shen has presented a hypothetical meeting of the most significant communist leaders in history whose life-sized bodies rest in crystal coffins."


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He is a professional artist based in Beijing, he is an Australian citizen but he has a studio in
Beijing. … is actually the original idea comes from the Chinese traditional woman … they are
good natural trees but we human beings bound to put them in the pot and make you know mainly
landscape whatever and to suit our own needs but that’s kind of a cruelty to nature.

He likes Australia after Tiananmen Square you know after that event so he came to Sydney and he
feels he love this place because it’s very free and you know his mind, his thought he feels suddenly
he can think and say anything freely but after he realise that his culture is based on China and is
nothing nowhere is absolutely free, for instance here he has no money to establish studio.

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Traditional oil painting landscape yeah it just give you visual pleasant, contemporary art is totally
different. Contemporary art actually is questioning, in other words it’s give a human a clue we
cannot abuse nature. We are the part of nature, we have to listen to the message from nature. They
are crying, they are not happy, the nature is not happy.

He participates three pieces of works. Basically one piece total 11 bonsai trees at MCA but there is
a G5 summit world show at Cockatoo Island and he will also show his documentary film at art

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Mainly people actually they do like art but they cannot survive so the real artists only feel.

There is a difficulties actually for those works transporting to Australia because of the customs and
those works actually stuck at the eastern quarantine station for more than 100 days.

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In his work anything can be art but the main point is you have to questioning and let people think.

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If you put the concept as your house for instance, and they take the tools off actually it’s just a
normal bonsai you know but if you put a tooth on it’s really make you think oh why they put a
tooth on, what this mean, make people to think.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Shen Shaomin, Shaomin Artist, Beijing