Design & Decoration S03 ep5 : Maximo Riera, Riera Furniture Sculpture, [Madrid]

Interview with Maximo Riera

Maximo Riera’s The Animal Chair Collection are art pieces, which one can just so happen to sit on. Not that many of us would. Sparing no effort or expense, the Spanish artist blended the best of cutting edge technology with expert craftsmanship. This includes three-dimensional computer modeling, a CNC milling machine, an internal frame, as well as over 30 professionals for the entire project.


Maximo is an artist, is my father. He was always a painter, an artist … he wrote a few books as

We are from Spain. He is based in south of Spain, Cardiff, he has a house there.

My father he had a distribution company, medical products in Spain, Portugal and Italy and he sold
the company a couple of years ago and here he is in love with all related to art. Is a painter as well,
he sculpts and he come up with this idea, he started with one and we found a company in Spain
who can help us to do the 3D modelling with the software called setbrush.

I convinced him to bring the … here to UK because here they have the technology, in Spain they
offer us to produce the chairs using moulds but you wouldn’t achieve the quality.

Obviously he’s in love with nature and animals and he started one piece was the zebra and it
worked because the zebra is more like a stool kind of seat and now we have 15 different animals
ready to be produced and the collection we are planning to have 30 different animals.

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We have couches as well we have like a sofa kind of thing, we have for example the frog or we
have the whale which is 3 and a ½ metres high that is I mean like a sofa.

It takes 10 weeks to produce and the material is quite expensive as well and all the technology that
we use for example the rhino cost 40,000 pounds and all of them are limited edition of 20 pieces so
we only going to produce 20 so the people who buys that is for sure you're only going to have
another 19 pieces in the world.

We start with the drawing and after you have these technicians who does the 3D modelling helping
my father to create that in the software, they work basically every day I mean they work together
and you have a lot of changes to do.

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I work here in the UK where they have over 30 years of experience and they use this technology
called CNC which is basically machinery and is they use blocks of compressed foam which is

The size of the blocks will be this much and they have like a few different stages until you get that
kind of texture.

It has to be assembled by hand because you have to hide the partitions like this when you look at
you cannot see any partitions, it looks like one single piece. The polyurethane is quite dense, over

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After all these years working on this … this was finished barely two months ago. This is the
starting point. Of course we have like, we thought about … with different materials even wood but
it is something that is this is the beginning.

We have people that they don’t like at all what we do, yep they have people that they are saying
that it’s going to become an icon in design but I guess in order to have people who love your, what
you do you have to have people who hate it.

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And we have private clients, we have corporate as well, companies, hotels, bars, restaurants.

It depends what you think is art or what you think is design, what we’re trying to achieve is to push
the boundaries a little bit to do something different, to have our sectioning, our part in this world
you know.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Maximo Riera, Riera Furniture Sculpture, Madrid