Design & Decoration S03 ep8 : Andreas Eberharter,Eberharter ?????, [Vienna]

Interview with Andreas Eberharter

andreas eberharter’s approach to design is that of a sculptor who seeks free access to expressions of artistic form. he uses new and unusual materials such as aluminum and acrylic glass, but also swarovski crystals and pearls or cubic zirconia.


We are doing basically jewellery, anodised aluminium and also silver, brodonised brass and I work
with leather variant.

I come out from the art scene before I did lots of exhibitions and galleries and museums and but
there was a point where I for me it was the more placed for an extension so the nearest way for me
was the fashion scene because for me it was a more bigger space to work in.

But I didn’t like so much in the galleries that all the stuff is always in the case and glass cases and
so the people wear it now and they have in the magazines.

But there was one point in my life I was 15, 16, I was in school and then I saw a magazine it was
about cool people and young people designed jewellery and very famous artists produced it and it
was for me so amazing to see how from a scribble to the end product and I said, this is what I want
to do.

Henry Dunay Jewellery

I went to a special school for jewellery and goldsmith artist in S…. Austria a small city and after
that I saw it was very interesting I thought it’s good to know that but I had the feeling it’s not
enough for me so I did another education of this culture so I worked with stones, big pieces and all
this, it’s good to know to learn a lot of about forms.

I wanted to make to get bigger and make bigger things and so sculptures or painting, I looked at
many paintings and this time I was for me really interesting but after that school I did a
combination of all these things.

No the art is still in my pieces because I would never make a piece which does not have the art
meaning I don’t do it just … shit.

When I am on the street when I go by bike through streets when I am doing holidays I always get
inspirations I have the good luck to get it with like, I see it before I have to do it. So I just have to
scribble it and then I come here to my studio I can do it later. I took them by hand and then … for
a mass production … Aluminium I use, I love to use because you can do really big pieces and the
weight is not too much. Sometimes I use Swarovsky crystals for example or cubic zirconias and
very special point with aluminium is the anodising process because it can do with the surface so
many things and so many colours and how it feels and the coatings the best, it’s better than
rhodonising and everything, it’s very, very, very hard.

Henry Dunay Jewellery

One part is of course the art piece to be worn, the other part, very necessary part for me is the
feeling of the protection because I get the feedback of my clients when they wear my bracelets or
my big necklaces for example that they feel more safe, more protected, more self confident when
they go out. When they go out and they say when they lose it or forget it at home they feel naked

What I do is working always with the colours, going with the fashion world because it makes no
sense if I do it in pink and no shops takes it because they all want blue for example, but this is the
only thing, just the colours, not the designs, the design that’s very interesting or necessary for me
to stay unique. But this is more for a haute couture piece and for the press.

I’m doing also because everyone needs a belt and everyone wants a cool belt so

It’s another thing if I work with C&C or for example for the buckles … and the absolute other way
but the mood is also getting, it gets a special surface and a special feeling also, it’s not the same
then the C&C.

Two years ago I received a sponsorship from the government so now I can do all I want. It was like
a wish list but because I can pay all my showrooms in New York, LA and Paris and they want to
force the creative industries, especially in Vienna here and I’m one of the lucky ones.

Henry Dunay Jewellery

All the paperwork all those things but I had never to do as artist. If I wanted to make this step I
have to do it and so I made the step from the artist to the business guy.

In my collections I always have my inspirations I’m collecting during the year and to know which
direction I go or when I finish a collection I have so many ideas left for the next one and if I do a
special collection for example for … it’s all my eye patches for example and then they order a
special set for the show in Paris.

I think one of the strangest things are the new masks I did, no subtle … or thinking behind it
because many people they see it and they say oh is that mask and then they say it’s in your head
my friend. But it not it comes that from so I just like to, to hide some special pieces from the face
for example if you just see a part of it, it’s more interesting I think.

Henry Dunay Jewellery

I always like to use very hard electronic music when I do a show for example and because I think it
can maybe that the people are a bit ooooh and one times I had really the hardest, I think it was 220
beats per minute music and so they all will be afraid and after that I think she was 85 or 87 she
came here, oh Andrew I love your music so much, so I thought okay I have to do search something
harder, when the old ladies like it.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Andreas Eberharter, Eberharter ???, Vienna