Design & Decoration S03 ep8 : Anne Moreau, Moreau Talent Gallery, [Paris]

Interview with Anne Moreau

Talents, the new boutique opened by Ateliers d’Art de France, aims to become the reference point for contemporary art professionals. Displaying the latest trends, it features unique items and limited editions created by more than 100 craftsworkers, as well as exclusive creations.


Talent, it’s a mixture between a shop and a gallery. We promote French art craft.

It’s … start in 1868 when we decide to open galleries to show beautiful work and we have more
than 2,400 designers and 100 artworks.

It was a very tiny group of ceramists, ten people and they decided to do a first exhibition in left
bank of Paris and this exhibition grew very fast and they decide to open the exhibition in Versailles
which is exhibition show Maison l’object so we are the owner of Maison l’object.

They were living in very tiny little village so it was very difficult for them to have their customers
so that’s why they came first in Paris.

At the beginning it was exclusively French art workers and then the Maison l’object opened to
European and all over the world artists, designers and cabinet makers.

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To be part of the … you need first of all to have your workshop on the French soil then you have to
make your own production so to be an art worker and then to do small series or limited edition

We try to represent a lot of different artworks, it has to be very well done in the tradition, after in
the shops or gallery we do another selection to have something unique.

We have two shops. One is dedicated to cabinet makers and the other one is you have more than
100 art crafter more traditional I will say and this one is brand new, we open a year ago and it’s
dedicated to French artwork but very contemporary.

All the shops now looks like each other, they sell many things you can see all over the world.
When people come here they’re very surprised and they love it but also we do things everything
you want on special measure, you want this chair in different type of wood or in metal, we, it’s
possible. You want this light smaller, different colour everything is possible.

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For me Italian design I’m not a specialist but very looks like each other, I think French people are
more it goings in many, many directions very much more eclectic, they are not influenced too
much by what they should create, they create in their own universe and after it makes something
very different, very original.

I think there is a very famous ceramist which is Martine Damas, she’s at the museum de art deco
so there is about four or five ceramist part of our association we are already in the most famous

We are a very interesting artist, we works on electric cables, I have a beautiful chair which is
which is another exhibition in the other shop and she make furniture, candelor very artistic plastic
artwork, so it’s in between the artwork and the artistic things and some museums like the
Luxemburg museum bought some pieces already. Jean Paul Gautier for example bought some
pieces here and we start to have collectors coming to our shops and buying things and they loved.

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And what I like is discovering new talents and that’s why this shop is made we brings a new talents
to everybody and I want even a little piece is very interesting I mean it’s not a question of pride
it’s feelings I want to bring.

I really love two young boys who are doing ceramic the brand company name … and is Yves
Simone and they recreate the way of the French …

People likes to have one of a kind pieces so it will be never a series and that they know very few
about the artist we try to make them meet sometimes because I think it’s very interesting and
important for them because when they buy such a piece it’s very personal.

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I like to be in between, I’m in between a shop and a gallery, I’m in between art and design, in
France we always are the obligation to put things in a box, nothing here can be in a box because
it’s art or art craft, it’s collectable items or it’s unique pieces, sometimes design, sometimes
traditional in the production in terms of production so it’s, I like when it’s no classification for all
these type of shops.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Anne Moreau, Moreau Talent Gallery, Paris