Design & Decoration S03 ep9 : Fabrizzio Moretti, Moretti Gallery, [Florence]

Interview with Fabrizzo Moretti

Situated at the heart of Florence, between Palazzo Strozzi and Santa Maria Novella, the Galleria Moretti was open to the public, and to major public and private collectors, on September 1999 with the inauguration of the exhibition "From Bernardo Daddi to Giorgio Vasari" and immediately distinguished itself by its specialization in Italian, and especially Tuscan, old masters. The constant effort of documentation and study permitted a new exhibition to be presented in September 2007: "Dagli eredi di Giotto al primo Cinquecento". In pursuit of the promotion of great Italian painting, a new gallery has been opened to the public in London, in the capital's prestigious New Bond Street. It aims to be a point of reference for those collectors of old masters from the 14th to the 18th century who seek a confidential and discreet approach.


My father was an art dealer in Italy he dealt until 1990 then he stopped because he thought that I
not was in love with the art, it was the truth because I was only 15, I wanted to be on horse rider,
show jumping, I love it a lot and I also believe that show jumping horses are an art so anyway art
was already in my life in my world.

When I finished the secondary school I was 18, 19, I decided to go to university and to study
literature and history and I started to look of the paintings of my father and I said there can be a
business so I started to go around with some small dealers, I fell in love with the business and it
become like a job for me. After a couple of years going around I decided to open the gallery, get
some paintings of my father and in ’99 I opened my gallery in Florence.

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I believe a lot in destiny and in astrology. When I started to go to university had a physical
problem with the horse and afterwards that problem finding a new horse it was like God wanted to
say to me, maybe you should stop. I continue to do show jumping for pleasure, two years ago I
found a fantastic horse after 10 years of working I bought it again, I started to do competition, I
had a very bad accident six months ago and I decided in the end to give up so that I said was really
a sign from the sky to say Fabrizio it’s art, it’s your new passion and your new life and I believe
that art is an antidepressive.

Italy it’s a, for this point of view is a third world country. The laws are very bad and I think we
hope to have a new Minister of Art that will change everything and make it much easier and for
the State taking care of the goods … should be more free circulation.

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It’s very easy to understand which is a good one and which is a fake one at this level. The problem
is to find the very good paintings and to find the quality, this is a very big problem for me at the
moment. The key to being a dealer is to make a discovery where you can make a big profit and
also it’s an intellectual this profit to understand so we know many dealers that made fantastic
discoveries I know the Rubens and the Getty Board two years ago for a big amount of money was
discovered in the drawer, completely repainted and the cleaner came out to be a fantastic painting
by the Flemish artist.

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But in a small auction outside of Florence I bought a crucifixion very cheaply and after we
discovered it was by a painter that used to work for the Studio of Francis I, this Francesco
Morondini called Impopi so somebody show me the photograph, I went to see the seller, I like it, I
bought and afterwards we found out the name of the artist.

One day we bought in New York a very good Gol… completely repainted and we cleaned it, it was
by Ambro… and that was a good discovery.

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Maybe the great one that we had on consignment was a beautiful S… somebody came to me with a
picture, he consign it to me and with my American partner we sold it to a Californian collector.

In this room if you ask me which is the picture I would like to keep for myself, for sure it’s the
picture behind you, it’s this beautiful … by Archangelo the … the son of … because this painting’s
by a small artist but it represents what Renaissance was in Florence in that moment.

When I was 26 or 27 I used to do the sales sometimes the prime… when met me the first time and
they were thought that I was the owner of the gallery and thought there was a son maybe the
employee or the secretary so this was a funny thing.

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