Design & Decoration S04 ep14 : Jean-Marc Dimanche & Florence Guillier Bernard, MAISON PARISIENNE Gallery, [Brussels]

Interview with Jean-Marc Dimanche & Florence Guillier Bernard

There can be nothing exceptional without talent and French craftsmen are unique in this respect, combining culture and tradition, knowledge and expertise. Beyond the manual skill, there is a work of art; and beyond the work of art, there are the men and women whose everyday life is steeped in the outstanding art of rare objects and luxury materials. Imagine a company without a catalogue, a company that does not discuss products or ranges, a company in which every item is unique because it is made by the hand and heart of Man. maison parisienne is that company, offering a collection of rare objects created from the passion and expertise of a handful of craftsmen who design and make the most outstanding and most beautiful items possible, each in his or her own craft form. maison parisienne is that company, discovering and rediscovering a French lifestyle, showing audacity and contemporary design, working to pass it on and share it with enthusiasts, the initiated, collectors of emotions and lovers of the unusual and curious...


The concept of Maison Parisian is about savour vivre and savour faire, that means we work with
the French master craft man or woman, asking them to create very contemporary and unique
and rare pieces which could be ceramics, which could be furniture, which could be silversmith
and we present their unique objects in the house. 08:56

I built this house in 2004. 09:09

But it's called Villa Desombel. 09:12

A master work Dexter Francis Brown, her name is Umbel and it's like a private joke between
umbrel the flower, and umbrel, it is umbel, so and I chose this name because the great house
with seven floors.09:29



Henry Dunay Jewellery

What's important is first, the silverware and the quality. We started with a first exhibition which
took place in Pales in Paris, the Plazatini and from that exhibition, because it went very well,
the master craftsman came to us and we continue to be very strict in the choice or in our
selection. 10:05

Me an art director for luxury brand like Chanel or usually more in beauty, perfumes and beauty
and not for fashion. I am publisher too, artist books and magazine too in France, so for me it's a
natural way to collect different peasants and collectors in the world. 10:35

My background is in the luxury industry, but mainly in the perfume and cosmetic world, the
Villa group or COTY. 10:44


Henry Dunay Jewellery

Our first value is powders, innovation, not in terms of technology. We give them the
opportunity first of all to create unique or original or non-common pieces and we give them also
opportunity to meet the customer. We have this network of customers, thanks to our experience.

Some of our master craftsman and woman have very ancestral work, such as embroider or such
as doing some pieces of good couture, but they have a very common work and they create their
own new work. This piece is in cotton fabric and it has been invented, the work has been
invented by this lady who use to work for Od couture and who use to do the pieces for the Od
couture and what she invented is a whole work. That means, she use huge and ling cotton ribbon
by folding them in a certain way. She organized her job such as this wonderful marvelous
culture, as she doesn't even use glue or typical undi and she uses thousands of pins to make this
go together. So if you use x-ray, you will thousands of pins inside. 12:45

Henry Dunay Jewellery

We are now working with more than one hundred and twenty different master craftsmen and
women and we went everywhere in France to look for them. We know them one by one, but the
interesting thing is that, all of them, once they see us or they have us talking about, or they have
us in their place, we can never leave. They love showing their talents and we use to have to take
an appointment, two or three appointments per day, now it's over. It's one appointment per day
and we can spend the day there.13:31

They have a, everyone a story, a special story, of his experience or some affair to do something,
not really commercial and not really traditional world, I think it is real liturgy to do that and to
can see that everyday if you want, in your interior, So it's for that we chose not to do, or not to
open a gallery or a special space. I think it's important to show these kinds of pieces in
contemporary interior, like you have a family with three children, so they leave with the object
or a painting or other digital work, for me it's the same work. 14:21

Henry Dunay Jewellery

The first time we met, we met this lady, it was so incredible, so she explained the context and
the point.14:37

This lady was so sad when we first met her, because she lost her husband. She met us, we had
her exhibited in a wonderful place such as the Plazatini, we sold her sculptures to people such
as, collector , who said, ok, this is so extraordinary, I have this piece next to my clemicodel and
when we told her that and she met the person, we had them meeting together, she cried.15:16

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