Design & Decoration S04 ep20 : Jacques Heim, Heim Gallery, [STATE]

Interview with Jacques Heim

Located near the Elysée Palace and in the heart of the famous "Faubourg Saint-Honoré" area where numerous art dealers are established, Jean-François Heim Gallery presents a collection of Old Master and 19th-century paintings, sculpture and drawings. Looking at the artistic world with a new and even scientific eye, Jean-François Heim supplies private collectors as well as french and foreign museums. He regularly publishes catalogues and is the author, in collaboration with his brother, of "The painting Salons during the Revolution". He is finishing another book, on the Salons of the Consulate and Empire periods.


The Gallery has been established 25 years ago on the Rue du Faubourg St Honore [07:47] and we’re selling most of our paintings
to collectors, museums…

We work from early French oil[08:02] painting s 16th-century until sometimes also on [08:05] impressionist. Our field is more
concentrated on quality than on dates. It has to create emotions create expressions and then we are able to deal with the
painting. If I do not have any affection for a painting, I don’t deal with it.

I visited almost all the museums with my parents in Italy. And I was unable to understand how did I like an object. I was only
able to say “I love it” end of the story. I had done some studies at the Louvre called Ecole du Louvre, Muselogy [08:38] and then I
understood why an object is important and why I can prefer this one to the other one. I was even a barrister and a curator but I
decided to be an art dealer.

As a dealer we also have to be a collector, to be quite exigent underthings we are sending. It has to be by the artist, the
condition has to be good and we have to know and proof historically the story of each painting.

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We sold several things to museums during the fair and we have two Fragonard [09:24] painting that you see on my back. We
have an option of the museums on a pair of paintings. Museums are quite active, they are moving a lot and this fair is a very
unique place in the world where you can meet them, make exchanges with them and discuss with them.

I love what I do. I love to pass an object from one hand and explain the object one to the other one. An object is a part of life,
it’s a part of my life, a part of your life and then you will share some time of your life this object will be with you.


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You need to have some money to start. Towards the beginning it was very small things and I sold them. Now I’m beginning with
major things. But the question to sell a small work of art is a more important one. Because it’s not a question of money it’s a
question of patience.

This pair of Fragonard at my back[10:30] this pair was a separate life [10:33] for 60 years and now both have been joined, this is
a great moment. When you see paintings where one was in America, the other one was in France and now you joined them
again as they were in the 18th century, thats a huge moment in my life.

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He’s a dreamer Fragonard [10:54]. He brings your eyes in landscape completely created [10:59] everything is moving, he brings
your eyes, a flight of scene [11:04] When you see a Frago it’s always a flight of scene [11:05]. In the landscape you can pass from
the left, pass from the right and move, he’s playing with you.

There is no special possibility of comparing a portrait and a landscape. In a portrait you have a relation with the man that does
all the other portrait, which is very strong. If he says to with your camera “I don’t like how you’re taking the picture” then we
have a question and we can discuss this after. In a landscape painting the artist is more free, he doesn’t have this relation with
the man who’s buying it. He’s more free to express his own sensitivity. In the portrait you have a close relation between the
artist and the model and the relation to be paid also is strong. If you say to the artist make my bust only it is less expensive.

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I have sold to the Louvre the second painting of Casper DeWitt Frederich. that enters in their personal [12:09] French collection. I
have sold to the Getty front cover of their sculptures in five years ago, six years ago. The general idea is more to be able to catch
the exact quality of an object and its exact intensity. And this is where we as an expert have an added value.

She comes in the stand on the opening and she sits there on this red chair. She was trying to negotiate and she looks at him and
she said “Dear, my darling I will not leave the gallery if you don’t buy the painting” It happened on Thursday. The negotiation
was tough for him.

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