Design & Decoration S04 ep2 : Paul Van Rosmalen, Borzo Gallery, [Holland]

Interview with Paul Van Rosmalen

20th century art Borzo is one of the oldest established art galleries in The Netherlands. In Modern Art the gallery has a special focus on international avantgarde movements from the 20th Century, often with Dutch roots, such as “De Stijl” and “NUL” (Zero). Furthermore the gallery shows Geometrical Abstraction, Abstract Expressionism, Nouvelle Ecole de Paris and Minimalism, a.o. The Contemporary Art section shows internationally renowned artists, primarily from The Netherlands. In 1824 the Italian-born Joseph Borzo settled in 's-Hertogenbosch and married Anna Sala, compatriot and the daughter of immigrants, descendants of a family of art dealers from Leiden and The Hague‘s Hertogenbosch. In 1924 Jan van Rosmalen sr. bought the property and the firm, carried on the business and steered it through the crisis and war years. The next generation: Jan van Rosmalen jr., later with two younger brothers, took over after liberation, continuing the business and in the following decades further expanded it into a leading art dealership in The Netherlands. When Paul van Rosmalen took over Borzo in 1987, he knew that his ambitions and interests in the history of art were different: the core of the collection shifted from 19th to 20th century, from Haagse School to Ecole de Paris, from Amsterdamse School to De Stijl, Nul and Minimalism, from impressionism to expressionism, from the Dutch sphere of interest to art with greater international significance. More attention would also be paid to contemporary art.."


BORZO it was the founder of the gallery in the early 19th century. An Italian who came to
Holland and started a frame shop making barometers and mirrors then into an art dealership
which my grandfather in early 20th century tool over from him.

Not even Amsterdam to the south of Holland in a city called Den Bos which is a small town but
everybody knows it as the birthplace of Jerome Bos the early 16th century artist

In the 19th century it was mostly prints and graphics. My father Lenroy, started with 19th century
paintings through the post war period and when I took over from him in the 80’s, I soon found
out that 20th century or part of my age I prefer

It certainly said no you’re not coming in at an age of 20 into the business. First go out and if you
still feel for it come back in ten years. I stated art history at Amsterdam University but soon
started working for the auction house in Amsterdam, later becoming SOTHEBYS.

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Holland is a small country; the art of collecting is not wide spread. The market as it is now has
been created also by varies like Tisa, of course there is a flare of contemporary art in
Amsterdam but that’s not the international atmosphere that you find here

We got to know the American taste by the former state museum director Adie Dufildos starred
in the mid 60’s by Wimmiam De Kooning and Gorki and later on Barnett Newman and
Rauschenberg of coursefor instance now by the name LeDaniels. I just saw his wonderful
exhibition in Madrid and a famous name now, I was would say wow we’re from the same
province in South of Holland and I’m still blaming myself why didn’t I see that 30 years ago

What we show in master here is a range of works from the 60’s that we have specialized in
whether it’s by zero period nil and there is one artist Vance Van Hogen who started in the 60’s
making this nil zero art as part of what else happened in Germany and Italy.

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It has been popular in Holland, the zero movement which in Holland is called nil. It started in
1960 upon every action there will be a reaction and Holland was in the 50’s and 60’s very well
known. The program movement, which mean a lot of paint, a lot of action a lot of emotion and
as always there comes a group of artists that gives a reaction to that, in this case it was this nil
movement. No more emotion, no more collar, we want art to be a serial, everybody can do it
and so we don’t want that personal touch anymore and of course it happened to be very personal
now. The same thing happened in Germany, the artist called GutaUcktahwhose into nails and in
Italy Fontana who cuts his canvases

The good artist sometimes he should be a good artist but it’s not necessary anymore, he must be
an intellectual man, a philosopher sometimes, showing us how he looks at the world and his
point of view is sometimes not understood when he does it but hopefully understood a decade

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I can imagine if you are blank having seen art at all and you’re confronted with Roscoe saying
what is this, do I have to look at these black paintings or grey and what’s it all about. Confront it
with these huge paintings, they hit you, they strike you Barnett Newman does the same thing to
me actually but Barnett Newman excites, Roscoe is quiet.

What we show here besides this black and white hero is a few colored works which are by Blum
and he is one of the Dutch painters who is the early 20’s who found their way into Paris and
there is one young artist that is hanging in between them Mark Novus. In Holland rising star and
I saw well at least I would show one of his latest paintings here

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We have to keep in mind in our world and hopefully in old man’s world artists are very
important as we pointed out so an artist can do to me much more than for instance what you
could do to me. You can ring me in the middle of the night, I hope the artist doesn’t either but if
he does he must have a good reason it and then I’ll gladly accept it

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