Design & Decoration S04 ep6 : Franck Prazan, Appilcat Prazan Gallery, [STATE]

Interview with Franck Prazan

Since its creation, Applicat´s vocation has always been to exhibit and support the Paris School of the 50s and more especially the Abstract, Cobra and Surrealist movements. Due to its action outside the Parisian gallery, it has contributed towards reviving unquestionably new ideas, but that the last two decades had unfortunately forgotten. Today, that period of the history of Art has rightfully found its place: an essential place. Bernard Prazan, an art-collector of long standing, founded his first gallery in 1989. Specialized since its inception in top quality paintings by the principal Artists of the Post-War School of Paris, Applicat-Prazan settled down in 1993 at 16 rue de Seine, on the Left Bank in Paris in the very heart of the art gallery district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The end of 2010 saw the opening of a second address on the Right Bank at 14 avenue Matignon. Since 2004 Franck Prazan has been running the gallery: Before succeeding his Father, he was formerly Managing Director of Christie’s in France. As such, he oversaw its development from a simple representative office to a fully fledged auction house, moving the company to the Avenue Matignon in Paris."


My father who founded the gallery use to have a former gallery which he sold twenty years ago
and then he use this brand as the new gallery which is being opened in not back in 1993. Their
original location is on the St Michel District, on the left bank. I opened a second gallery on the
Avenue Matinée on the right bank about two years ago, so now we have two galleries in

We are only socialized in the SoCalPoseur School of Paris mainly abstract painters, few
surrealists between the end of the war and mid-sixties. 01:39

As I started my career in the regular management environment and I was the head of Christies
in Paris. I organized the company to become an auction house until 2001 and then I joined
partner to set up an art advisory firm,when my father wanted to retire back in 2004, I took over
the gallery from him. 02:12

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Eventually decided that they would retire. I had never imagined that I could, you know, take
after him. But the gallery had taken some competitive position in Paris because now it's one of
the most important French galleries. He passed the opportunity but at the time he wanted to
step, you now step backwards and I decided that it would be a pity not to take after him.02:42

I've been raised in that environment and I've been acquiring the skills to, you know understand,
you know, what were the important artists out of, maybe three hundred and fifty artists who
worked in Paris after the war, we are concentrating on a selection of thirty painters.So I know,
thanks to my father was a collector of that environment, very precisely. 03:21

For what they brought to the art history, also on a purely market point of view. These are the
artists. Nicholas Gustar, Zaoukie, Pia Solaje, Furtriae, Mature, Vera diosvar, Viopel and those
are the artists who are most visible on the art market. 03:53

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We have an important Nicarasal 1954 vertical painting here. Sal Azul who has been with group
of painters, if we can say that Sal has been a part of any group anyway. But I mean he has
always been the most international, probably most expensive of those artists. 04:18

Next to Nicholas Gus tar, we have a very, very important picture of Ornate, 1942. He was
Romanian, but worked in Paris ,went to the States during the war and that painting is back 1942,
which is the best period and I would also pick out the two Zaoukie paintings with Chinese
ninety- two year old painter, but those paintings are from the 60's and the 90's and being a
Chinese painter working in Paris, is probably the most international classical, modern

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And not that we concentrate on those some thirty painters, but we do concentrate on the most
qualitative part of the production of those artists. Nobody would come to the gallery for works,
which would be lower than a grade of eight out of ten for instance.05:29

We do participate at, the most important art fairs in our field, namely of course Tefaf in
Maastricht then we go to some of these one because we do carry works on paper, then we
would go to Basle, then we would start a new fair in London, this summer and then we resume ,
the Getnadizon Karen fair, so it's six fair per year. 06:01

It's a debate of course, but the first artist,who and name that was Josh Matthew, who is the
father of the so called Apsalolae , as early as 1947, he had the American artist expressionist
abstract artist come over to Paris and exhibit at the time, the painters that went from France to
US during the war, the surrealist painter name Leonie Mason or Maxiansto were very important
for the American artist.06:36

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But now that the market of great abstract American painters has become so untouchable, there
is a reevaluation of what we do.What you have here on our stand, range from somewhere
between three hundred thousand Euros up to two point five million Euros. 07:01

Whenever a painting comes into the gallery that we consider whether it should be cleaned, what
frame we will, you know, chose, in what circumstance we will be showing the painting, whether
at fairs or privately, or what will be the strategy, who could be the most interesting person to
potentially be acquiring the painting. When wesell it, it's not as, you know. 07:34

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