The Fashion Folk S01 ep6 : Celia Krithariot, Krithariot Fashion, [Athens]

Interview with Celia Krithariot

It is amazing to seen the psychological influence of a dress on a woman. They come in tired, but as soon as you pull up the zip, they are transformed and energised.


KM – At 16 you were designing Haute Couture?

I was not designing haute Couture, I was designing my clothes and afterwards,
slowly, slowly, for some clients and then I was putting 2 or 3 models of mine in
a shows and in 1992 I started doing my fashion shows.

Fashion cannot be made only by experience but also by youth.

The best training I could ever have did not get from any university in fashion, it
is here.

KD – Reality of course.

I had the best teachers, I think - that they were amazing.

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My point is at all times show the femininity of the woman and to bring out her
best vision of herself.

How many times we have seen a very fantastic dress which when worn looks
awful or a very good looking girl with a plain dress which looks great. In all
cases it has to suit her.

KD – What are some of the secrets in fashion?

To make women thinner, taller, to make them look like models. It is amazing to
seen the psychological influence of a dress on a woman. They come in tired,
but as soon as you pull up the zip, they are transformed and energised.

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I don’t like models like the English style, they are like boys.

KD – Very masculine

I’ve done one show in London’s Dorchester hotel and when I was doing the
casting, it was so difficult. I had to bring models from Paris…. I don’t mean that
I want the models to be fat, but tall and thin and to have the shape of a
woman. To have big shoulders. The models in London have the shoulders
down very flat, very very narrow waist and they walk like boys.

KD – When someone says the word Haute Couture – of course it has been
very badly used over the last few years. What does it really mean?

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Yes, it has been very badly used. For me it means something different, unique
and something special. It is a place that you can experience yourself every
time you try to find something new. It is like a dream.

By working hard over the past 12 years, I have all the women in Greece that I
would every want as clients, but if you ask me if I have done anything, I would
say that I have just started.

I like to be free. In Athens I do two fashion shows and travel. I was always
afraid that if I got into hard business with pret-a-porter it would restrict my
freedom and quality. At this scale I can control the quality.

Everybody that makes creates and produces something, writes a book,
designs a table or cars or whatever is influenced by what he has in his mind.
What he has seen in all his life.


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KD – His inspiration comes from his experience.

Many times I have caught myself translating images into designs. I remember
when I saw the Point Alexander in Paris – the bridge with the golden arch, and
"gold" was in fashion, I produced a dress using that influence. Inspiration
comes from everywhere.

I admire when something is new and sometimes I get angry with myself when I
see and like something very much and was not the first person to think it.

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