The Fashion Folk S01 ep8 : Javier Larrainzar, Larrainzar Fashion, [Madrid]

Interview with Javier Larrainzar

The last time that I went to New York with my father, Oscar [de la Renta] asked, "You want to do something in fashion?" I said, "Yes! I am thinking of going to school in Milano", and he offered to me the opportunity to work with him, once I had finshed my schooling. Oscar said "You can work for 6 months, or something like that, and you will see that you will learn a lot with me". This six months turned into 3 years.


Javier Larrainzar is a young guy who started in fashion 9 years ago, after
working with Oscar De La Renta in New York for 3 years and my dream was to
start my own business in Madrid.

KM Why Fashion?

My father is a very famous Tailor in Madrid, so I started to work with my father
when I finished school but the reason I changed from Tailor, real tailoring, to a
fashion designer was that in men's fashion, in the classic tailoring, everything
has been done - it was boring. This was the place where I learnt how to sew. I
realised after that it was more interesting to have the opportunity to go to
Milano to learn in a fashion school, La Marangoni and after my father was the
tailor for Mr.Oscar De La Renta so I got the opportunity to go to New York.

The last time that I went to New York with my father, Oscar asked, you want
to do something in fashion. I said, yes! I am thinking of going to school in
Milano, and he offered to me the opportunity to work with him, once I had
finished my schooling. You can become staff, or work for 6 months, or
something like that, and you will see that you will learn a lot with me. This six
months went for 3 years.

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When you finish the school of fashion design, you don't know anything. If you
have the possibility to go and work in a big company and in the United States,
you learn everything. How to draw, how to draw something that you need to
sell, good marketing, and Oscar was really a very nice person with me and I
learn a lot, I learnt everything that I know.

My fashion in Spain, is very glamorous, it is not so Pret a Porte like in Italia, I
do a mix of what I learnt first in Milan, and the glamour that I learnt while with
Oscar De La Renta.

My first store was right next door to the Tailoring business of my father, so it
was easy. I was someone already in Spain, I was the son of the tailor of ….

KM Yes,

....from the King of Spain. This was a real help when I started.

KM How do you create?

I always start by going to Paris to visit Premier Vision - all that you see behind
me are the swatches. Then the next week we start. We have a meeting here
with the many people who work with me, and we say what was nice last
season, for example this blue jacket, so let's continue the theme of blue
jackets, in a sense, no. We start to make a picture, and we continue to ask
ourselves what are we doing, let's see blues, whites, what can we do with this
fabric. We start to think about it, and then we create the collection.

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KM What is your vision, when you see a woman what are you trying to do?

What I look, is like, the woman has something glamorous.

KM What is glamour to you, what does it mean to you?


Glamour to me is, giving the opportunity to a woman who enters my store to
have like a tiny dream. That she will go to a nice dinner, with a nice jacket, with
nice dress, with nice shoes with high heels, something glamorous.

KM Who are the people that inspire you, where do you get your inspiration?

From fabrics, for me this is inspiration.

KM It all comes from fabrics!

All from fabrics.

KM Do you create any fabrics yourself?


KM Do you try to?

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No, not yet! We will though, we will.

I think most of the fashion designers don't know how to sew or how to cut.
Where do you learn these things, not in school. In my case I learnt it because I
started working with my father in the tailoring business when you cut all day, all
the days jackets, pants and you know how to..... and after it is important that
when you draw something, before you draw it you already know what you can
do and what cannot be done.

KM: What is possible!

Yes, what is possible or not. You go more faster than other designers and you
have the ideas more here.

KM: What was it about America that is different in fashion for you then let's
say than Paris? How would you characterise the difference?

America is business.

KM You take the Italians and one step more.

Yes, exactly. America is dollars, you must do dollars, because if you don't do
dollars, you are dead.

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But in my case, in 9 years it is very difficult that you find when you start
someone who put money and he stays in Spain, in Italy and in America it is
easier, but here in Spain it is very difficult. So from the beginning you must be
both, because that is reason that no Spanish designer has been to Paris, since
Balenciaga, because they don't think with their head. They want only to be

KM But Balenciaga was an artist

Balenciaga was the best designer in the world for me,

Three years working with Oscar De La Renta in New York, you get a lot of
funny things.

KM Give me some examples.

You can imagine a young guy arriving from school in Milan to New York and
starting to work on his first day with Claudia Schiffer. I was so nervous that
Oscar told me come Javier, come cut the bottom of the skirt that Claudia has
on, it was impossible. I was so........ it's Claudia.

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