The Fashion Folk S02 ep12 : Dimitris Alexakis & Gregory Triantafylou, Deux Hommes, [Athens]

Interview with Maxim Voznesensky

Dimitris Alexakis and Gregory Triantafylou burst into the fashion scene as DEX HOMMES back in 1992. Over the ensuing years, their atelier has become a hothouse of creativity for unique couture pieces made-to-order.


Deux: Deux Hom, because it stands for two men, it took some time to get people to know, not only
the pronunciation but the brand itself.

Deux: It is me and the goal is working and we wanted to share the same adventure in fashion since
we shared the same aesthetics and the same ethical approach to life and to fashion and career wise
as well. We try to do kind of evolution.

Deux: It started almost 15 years ago, Deux Hom as a company but we were friends long before.

Deux: It’s definitely a self centred thing, fashion, and it has to do with the name of the designer
and the name of the creator behind it, but for us, we always wanted to find a third name, we
couldn’t stand ourselves being referred to all the time through a label we wanted a third name as a
child or as an offspring of what you feel.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Deux: We were starting at the same fashion school in Athens and at the same time we were doing
other kind of studies, we always loved school and the Greek literature but on the free time of these
we could make up with fashion school.

Deux: It didn’t have to do with tradition in our families, we didn’t have to do anything with
fashion or clothes making so I suppose it has to be with a kind of inclination, a kind of instinct
because I can remember myself doing clothes sketches from my childhood.

Deux: To tell you the truth, it felt as if we couldn’t do otherwise. I mean although we had the kind
of options I mean those studies we did for ourselves, it didn’t feel, we didn’t feel comfortable and
the moment we stepped into the fashion adventure it felt like home, we totally felt at east with

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Deux: For us it all starts with mood and the atmosphere we want to create and maybe a sense of
woman that we long to see again because people think that there is a certain type of woman in
someone’s head that’s always present, but for us there is something always missing, you try to find
the next step or a missing element in the complex mentality of the woman you want to describe. So
this is what we recall first and then we try to find the technical strategy to create these it always
has to do with structure and this kind of architecture that you describe, that has to be liquidated and
body conscious, Colours is an issue for us because we used to be very fond of black and white and
non-colours as children of the 80’s so we all had to hide behind the uniform of black and it was, we
had a really hard time getting into the adventure of colour.

Deux: Black is definitely sensual and serious and creates all those vibrations that fashion really
needs and there is this kind of sobriety and Goth elements, but then you feel that you want to
liberate yourself from those same elements, one season it has to do with colours of the sea and of
the elements of nature which is very difficult to infuse in a collection and not get picturesque

Deux: Little by little if you always face new challenges. Patterns, is also a challenge for us. Fabrics
have always been our territory because we like texture and we like layering, layering fabrics so
that they interact. So it all started with silhouettes and textures and then we had, we started doing
graphic designs, patterns and colours.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

Deux: We definitely are looking for a signal I mean the human body is a kind of signal but starts a
kind of narration so for us what we’re trying to achieve is signalise the human body and then use
these kind of signals as a very cryptic narration.

Deux: This matter of origin of identity was always an issue I mean the back side of our mind we
had always this element of Greekness and whether we should propose and promote or not. Finally
we found that you don’t have to do anything on purpose because you already carry this kind of
upbringing and the culture and the references that you do are quintessentially Greek talking about
architecture the sense of light the sense of equilibrium and le mes… the French say what Greek
says as metro, so we always thought that we could propose and offer a kind of balance between
beauty and wearability, utility and something that is full of meanings, but not very obvious.
Because it comes from within.

Deux: We want to refresh ourselves with something beautiful this is the first initiative, afterwards
Gregoris has such a strong passion for wearability and utility and he cannot perceive clothes that
cannot be worn in real life. Little by little we cut to understand clothes like that only like that. I
mean pieces that look beautiful and could find their recipient their client and someone that would
appreciate their beauty and freshness.

Deux: The essence of the work is pure joy, I mean apart from the very stressful thing which is
deadlines, deliveries the next step because we manage ourselves until now and we don’t have any
financial back up, we do everything by ourselves, but apart from these, the rest of the work is pure
joy because we have this kind of prosperity with Gregoris that we totally absorb in the finest
details of our everyday life and we reproducing long … afterwards.

Deux: There is always a kind of emotion that you try to create through 10 minutes presentation and
it never reaches the audience and this is the most frustrating thing, not the feedback that you
sometimes may get and it’s not very positive or it’s not very, it’s a bit you know common, the
worst part is that when someone does not get this kind of emotion that you tried to inject to them.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales


Deux: There are some cases when the time that has proceeded may justify your work because the
direction that you took is the direction many important players of fashion might take and then you
take a very personal kind of relief that at least you could predict things the way that should and the
way they felt right even if nobody gives you the credit, that is still a very strong initiative for us to
go on.

Deux: You can never surpass the era that really influenced you so there is kind of DNA that you
possess and then there are all those extra layers of knowledge, fashion knowledge and fashion
involvement, that you try to infuse in your body of work so these extra layers came from
Chrystobel … talking about structure and the play with volume, Yves St Laurent learned us
something about the French flu to le flu is something that we had to understand and experiment on
so each kind of master comes along to bring something to your perception and knowledge.

Deux: The basic thing that we have tried to avoid is being repetitive and being pigeon holed in a
definition of what Deux Hom stands for because sometimes fashion needs to know what you stand
for but in our case we would like to be you know a bit I would like someone to know that we can
deliver a nice cocktail dress or a nice tailored piece of clothing but until there. I mean nothing
more expected.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Dimitris Alexakis & Gregory Triantafylou, Deux Hommes, Athens