The Fashion Folk S02 ep13 : Barbara Bui, Bui Fashion, [State]

Interview with Barbara Bui

This high-end Parisian label is a study in extremes; both structural and flowy, modestly romantic and aggressively sensual. Barbara Bui has been successful in establishing and expanding the brand over two decades, branching off with two diffusion lines, accessories, fragrances, and even a café in Paris. Though she's long been known for her trousers' flattering fit, as of late Bui's developed a reputation for her Italian-made accessories and shoes. Born in Paris to a Vietnamese father and a French mother, Bui grew up fascinated by language and studied literature at the prestigious Sorbonne. After graduating, she opened a multi-brand boutique, Kabuki, where she slowly introduced her namesake label, eventually opening an eponymous shop in 1988. Though she's launched an accessory line and two diffusion labels, Initials Barbara Bui and Bui, she still works personally with her design team on every piece.


Bui: Fashion is a light and at the same time a deep way to express your own personality, your spirit
and your sensibility. It’s a way of expression, a communication tool, a game and also a thought.

Bui: In my youth I had some desire about writing and literature and even wanted to be an actress
but by meeting people who were working in fashion I realised that it could have been a new way of
writing, a way of expressing myself.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Bui: I learned step by step by myself the job and I began to show my work in a little atelier
boutique and in my first fashion shows. The passion for this job came and my path was defined, it’s
a faith, not premeditated and my success even surprised me.

Bui: It’s very hard to separate design and artistic desire. They merge together. Maybe my work of
cutting, search of quality is design and the surprises and the impertinences are more art.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Bui: I was very inspired by Monsieur Ives St Laurent. I want to express a sensitive woman with a
strong personality. An idea of a double woman, strong and fragile at the same time. This is why I
often speak about a fresh couture rock ‘n roll spirit. 100%.

Bui: But I can also be inspired by travelling, photography from actors and actresses in movies, art
exhibition or books. My inspiration comes from many sources.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

Bui: Clothes and accessories are completely associated. It is a global silhouette the one and the
other make a balance and it’s how you develop a strong personal style.


Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

Bui: My rock ‘n roll spirit is more present with the accessories but I work in the most luxurious
way, putting together very strong material and strong details. My clothes on the other hand have a
more delicate couture spirit.

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