The Fashion Folk S02 ep14 : Francois Louis Vuitton, Ines De La Fressange, [State]

Interview with Francois Louis Vuitton

"I never believed in the goddess thing,"says Ines de la Fressange, about her emergence as one of France's legendary beauties. Tall, exquisite, with a perilously delicate frame, the former Chanel supermodel is now a designer and businesswoman, still appearing frequently on television and in magazines. In 1989, at the height of her modeling career, she was chosen as Marianne, the symbol of the French republic, a role in which Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve preceded her."Actresses and models often can't have a balanced emotional life," she says.


[FRANCOIS]Innes: My name is Francois Louis Vuitton, I am the President of Ines De La
Fressange I am very happy to receive you today here.

Innes: Ines De La Fressange is a fashion house specialising in ready to wear clothing and fashion
accessories for the active, contemporary, Parisian woman. She’s fashion conscious of what the
scene is now. Our succession of collections of prêt a porte and accessories have been created to
always keep in mind today’s busy, young at heart woman. Our collections also appeal to a fashion
savvy businesswoman. Ines De La Fressange has arrived at a unique legitimacy by our long
running effort to develop a successful worldwide distribution licence. Isabelle is better placed to
tell you about the different collections.

ISABEL: I am the artistic director and we work with a team of designers in the mood of the 50’s,
that’s exactly the mood of the collection of the inspiration.

Innes: I have had many different experiences in business as I have bought and sold a few
businesses. Some in the fashion world, some not. It’s true, I have a philosophy where fashion has a
specific place in life. I was raised to respect the product, the client and the brand.

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Innes: To answer your question about the taf… yes of course, because you will know there are so
many brands, but we’ve got a name, we will present a really nice French, Parisian image,
something with humour you know, something women can wear that’s easy but you’re chic, elegant
and also you can be funny, you can have humour. It’s not strict fashion, we want that the woman
feels good, we want that the woman is easy, we want that the woman is elegant but in a nice way
with something, it’s chic but it’s relaxed.

Innes: At Ines De La Fressange we like to dress a woman that one would want to take out for
lunch, have a business meeting with her, have dinner with her, take her to a gallery opening. This
is an active woman, always chic, yet feeling comfortable with what she’s wearing.

Innes: I have headed companies from different fields of activity. At Ines De La Fressange I have
been a majority shareholder for over 15 years. To be a little more precise, I have never worked in
the family business Louis Vuitton … no, no, is different.

Innes: Is a businessman.

But not the luxury business.

Innes: Yes sometimes. Sometimes.

ISABEL: Monsieur Racamier is his uncle.

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Innes: Yes, in fact Monsieur Racamier created the label Ines De La Fressange. I have worked with
him by his side for four to five years and I look over the business personally at the time of his
passing. But before his passing I was always very close to him. I should make it clear, he was like a
professor, a mentor for me.

Innes: The mentor that’s

The motor.

Innes: Yes.

So he drives.

Innes: Yes.

So the … company is still active in this business?

Innes: No he’s died, he died, two years ago. But you will see during the day as … Ines De La
Fressange is really family.

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Innes: And it’s a small group, a small company, it’s not a large one, and it’s not about only
marketing, we want to have an image, we want to, we think about a woman, we don’t think only
about marketing.

Innes: Isabelle is working with the company since the very beginning. In fact, Isabelle is the soul
of the company.

Innes: I’m working since a very long time with him yeah.

Innes: Because of the economic climate in the world of luxury products, luxury products that sell
are the ones that embrace the philosophy that one should always respect. At the same time, fashion
trends of the marketplace, at the same time the client, and at the same time the quality of the
product. I never wanted to expand too quickly and too powerful, but I wanted to acquire legitimacy
through a high level of quality, through experience and through a loyal clientele.

Innes: One of the particularities of luxury products is the notion of timelessness and durability.
Today the multiplicities of collections that we present are always in the same spirit, always aimed
at the same client. The active woman. Luxury is to be able to maintain the faith of your client even
now with the ups and downs of the present economic times. Loyalty to one’s place the market,
loyalty to one’s clients, loyalty to the inherent quality of the product. Today Ines De La Fressange
has a new beginning every six months. At Ines De La Fressange no product will come on the
market without being vetted by the company and design studio of our brand, we are in control of
our growth strategy, but we will grow depending on our encounters with potential partners. And
tomorrow it will be accessories, shoes, gloves, perfume, costume jewellery, eye wear, even pens,
that is what Ines De La Fressange will become, but it must not become a passing phase, it must
grow at its own speed and partners that have the same philosophy, the same respect of the product,
the clients and the market.

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Innes: Of course in this business it is full of anecdotes. I must say that my interest is mostly about
the financial results, not the products as such. But once and the only time I went into the
showroom, I picked up a product and said, what is this about, how can we sell such a thing? And I
was told that my wife had chosen to buy this particular product above all, so you will understand
that I am not at ease to talk about the products, but I do always have great pleasure as in a different
life I used to be proud to see people with beautiful luggage, the day before yesterday I was at a
grand dinner at the Paris Opera to see women dressed in Ines De La Fressange and to have this
popularity that we have today, thanks to the quality of our product. Thanks to the legitimacy of our
product. This makes me really happy.

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