The Fashion Folk S02 ep15 : Yiorgos Eleftheriadis, Eleftheriadis, [State]

Interview with Yiorgos Eleftheriadis

One of Greece's leading designers with followings in Paris and London, each of Eleftheriadis' collections is characterised by an experimentation in texture, shape and form.


Eleftheriadis: Giorgos in reality is a person like everyone. I live in the city that I was born, I’m a
person that I have a good life because I’m working with the things that I love.

Eleftheriadis: I have a work that help me to be with other people from other countries with
different culture, different way of thinking.

Eleftheriadis: Before 20 years, two decades, it was like a desert here not because there was not a
market of course in each period there are people that they were trying they were creative, but the
situation and the country doesn’t help them because you don’t have past.

Eleftheriadis: What you do with your life is something between you choose and they choose you.
For me it was a need. I would like to express myself from a young boy, very artistic, I was drawing
I liked the fabrics.

Eleftheriadis: My family, they love clothes and I was next to people that they love to dress up they
were travelling a lot, my mother and my father they are very modern, my mother she love Yves St
Laurent dress with her … the way that they proceed with their lives the fashion they were very
next to them.

Eleftheriadis: I never think very much why I become a fashion designer because when I was 16 I
was saying that I would like to be architect.

Eleftheriadis: From 18 they knew that I was very interested in about the fashion, 20 to 21, I start
with my uncle, it was a very famous 50’s and 60’s haut couturier and he was the first that start a
fashion school in Greece. I stay with him for one year and he was trying to make me understand
about the techniques, and after I went to Paris … school at ’83, ’85.

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Eleftheriadis: My uncle it was ’72, that the only thing that I remember I was standing for five
hours a day and I was watching the way that work with the textiles and how they make the shapes
the forms, how they work with the mannequins to prepare the draping or to make the tailoring.

Eleftheriadis: In Paris it was totally different because it was more creative in a passion and I was
very happy because there I was working with the things that I like.

Eleftheriadis: Greeks, they prefer something from abroad. This is I don’t know, it’s a, the way that
we understand ourselves. We are a society that was alone and when the people start coming from
abroad, we are crazy about everything. I realise very quickly that it was very difficult and we need
time to work with the people here.

Eleftheriadis: When they ask me what do you think, or tell me what you have in your mind when
you working this season, I said you know I try to work with the way that I feel. It’s a period. For
me it’s not important to analyse why I’m thinking.

Eleftheriadis: My virtue is the personal way of dressing. For me, one of the things that make me
feel success in Greece is that I was the first that our speak about the individuality in the fashion.
Before all this become a trend or become the new way, all the time the collection they had the
feeling that you can go inside and you find yourself.

Eleftheriadis: It’s an all day long procedure of wearing clothes, I don’t, I don’t like the evening
dresses or you know the morning outfits, I prefer clothes that they can work all day, it’s a
collection that you can have one piece and to feel that you are dressed with something very simple.

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Eleftheriadis: We work sure … things but not many, I don’t feel that my work is to dress one
person, my work is to make a concept collections and the people choose and to try to find the
things that they like.

Eleftheriadis: I didn’t like to be a part of a really commercial market no matters the price because
… fortunately now it’s a centre, but you’ve seen the same things from the highest price until to the
lowest price, you don’t find style, you can find names, you can find brands, you can find you know
this packets of luxury or of simplicity, but in one direction. And I knew that very well because I
was there.

Eleftheriadis: Here it’s a place that everyone that is interested in about Eleftheriadis collection or
style, they can see a whole collection that is very difficult to find to my retailers.

Eleftheriadis: I work with four collection that is the first line and for a year, four collection is my
diffusion line that is my commercial line. So we made eight collections a year. The way that I start
to work, it’s an idea. The idea never come from the history or from a movie, the most of the time
it’s the situation or it’s a way or a need that I have because I feel that I’m a part of the people that
they feel the same way. I start to work with this and I try to find the colour, the composition, the
fabrics, the detailing and we work like people that we are visionary for our days that’s why in my
collection you can never understand the past. I don’t like to my reference be come from other
decades or I prefer to look to the future and now.

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Eleftheriadis: I think that the fashion is more realistic. It’s creative, but at the same time, we can
understand the need. Is something that you can see in the Greek, the collection of the Greek
designer. After is the way that we work with the colour, or with the fabrics. Plain and they are not
sexy with the way that the Italian, it’s more normal and it’s more elegant. It’s more easy going.

Eleftheriadis: We are Mediterraneans, we are close to the Spanish or to Italian, but I think that we
have something totally different that for sure we need time to make them understand because it’s
different to see one designer and to see a scene. Now we speak about the Greek scene and what is
the different from the Italian, the French, and all the others. We are in a very, very new way of
understanding ourselves and when we speak about the Greek fashion, it’s very difficult to put the
things in the right place because it’s something that exist three years. But you can understand some
characteristic of this fashion that is a good life, more elegant, more easy going, the same time
creative because the Greek people they are creative people and I think that in the same way you
understand that we like to have good lives from the fashion, there is fashion for the people that
they enjoy their everyday, they have many things to do, they go out, they go to the islands, they go
to the beaches, they go to their parties.

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Eleftheriadis: When you stop and realise that you work with a business that gives you the
opportunity to express yourself, to play with yourself, to play with the others, I’m 20 years in this
business and I never think that no, or it’s so boring, or I repeat myself, or what I do next, it’s

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