The Fashion Folk S02 ep2 : Nathalie Colin Roblique, Swarovski Fashion, [State]

Interview with Nathalie Colin Roblique

Nathalie Colin Roblique, Swarovski's Creative Director said, "A study in asymmetry, a search for slightly savage effects, and a desire for irregularity that satisfies a need for authenticity and truth... I wanted to create versatile and nomadic jewellery that never stops moving. "Alive and sensual," she added, "these jewels can be rolled up or draped. Their fringes echo human gestures and move with the body. Some jewels appear to be abstract sculptures - somewhere between jewellery and art objects - but they are neither narrative nor realistic." The slideshow gives you a glimpse of this fantastic show. To see details of the collection, immerse yourself into the Soul of Time and enjoy the ultimate experience.


Swarovski: Thank you have a good day, bye.

Swarovski: Swarovski is the international specialist in cut crystals and belonging to the division of
Swarovski producing collections based on this unique material crystal.

Swarovski: I was born in France, raised in France, educated partly between France and the States, I
travel a lot, I am in the creative world.

Swarovski: From a very early age I knew I would do something artistic though I was mostly
thinking of becoming an artist or a painter or a sculptor or something like this and fortunately I
was good in mathematics so my parents and teachers pushed me to study mathematics and physics,
which I did as a very good student, but finally once I did my major and graduate I could finally go
back to my passion.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Swarovski: I did a course in design, I study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, for
me it was very important to be exposed to another culture, the FIT is a very good school and I
wanted also to learn English because in this kind of job you know you have to be completely with
an international mind set.

Swarovski: I was working for P___ a fashion forecasting company and I spent 10 years working in
trend forecasting and consulting for worldwide brands in fashion, cosmetics, retail.

Swarovski: at P____ even though I was in the consulting it was for the creative side, it was for the
collection, for the designs and so I was doing consulting but on creative matters.

Swarovski: I was working for you know designing collection on behalf of brands, I was also
working with the, together with the designers of the brand to discuss the new trends, colours, what
should be the key accessories or clothes in their collections.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Swarovski: I think it’s a mix of two things, on one side some rational elements you know when
there’s a major trend you know like the environmental sustainability, the concern for this aspect, I
mean it has some incidents in the fashion world more and more like recycled material and maybe
the coming up of some certain colour families or elements like this, so you have some rational
facts also political opening up of some countries, will influence others and then the second set is of
course what is happening in the creative fields, not necessarily jewellery fashion but you look at
what is the major emerging trends in architecture contemporary art, design and when you see that
some of these trends are actually happening in many artistic fields for … will interfere and come
in your field that your talent has to be expressed in using these trends interpreting them for your

Swarovski: For me the most important is to listen that we live in a world of everything based on
the idea of fusion and m___ as you said, everything mixes together in the food, in the way we live,
in our life style, designs, arts and scene, for me the most inspiring aspect is the contemporary art
and architecture, I think these two fields are very inspiring with the experimental also videos,
graphic art, media second life is a great source of inspiration I mean all these things that can create
a new creative click in your mind.

Swarovski: The most important for me in today’s world is the possibility to personalise your look
and to express yourself and in this idea of self expression accessory comes first, even before
fashion. This is my intimate conviction and I think with an accessory you can change your look,
you can personalise your look, you can express yourself, sometimes even more than with the
clothes, and it can also help you in a minute to express different facets of your personality you
know you can wear an accessory in a classic way, then you turn it around like the back so we have
the double back, and the next minute you appear glamorous and super fashion.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

Swarovski: I would not be a good fashion designer, I have the convictions, is not my main interest,
I love the idea of accessories because it’s playful and it’s something also ephemeral you know I
like things at are not here to last forever but with the accessories you change every season with the
accessories, you change your look, it’s playful it’s easy.

Swarovski: For me it’s more a fashion statement. You want to make a fashion statement, you want
to be in the right mood of the season, you want to have the odd item of the season, the must have,
and eventually if it’s a nice accessory that you like you will keep it and everything mix with its
vintage new one day you will just pull it out of your wardrobe again and wear it again.

Swarovski: ____ as she was really at the origin of this couture collection, Danielle Swarovski and
she already had this vision that the accessory is actually the base of the wardrobe and the base of a
modern life style. She had to push and to break a lot of boundaries for me it’s easier in a way today
because accessories are a big item on the market, this is the bag of the season, the shoe of the
season, the sunglasses of the season and it’s my ____ element of the silhouette today which was
not the case when it was Marie started collection.

Swarovski: Probably the two ___ wearing is one and also this ring which I really like is made of
our unique technique all the stones are set by hand and it’s quite a spectacular shape and colour.
We’re really fascinated by this ring.

Swarovski: When you are with a creative person you want to express this kind of freedom and
creativity and creativity for me has no boundaries so this is also a great platform here because we
do accessories, I’m in charge also of the collection of figurine objects, fashion, crystal living so it’s
basically no boundaries, active ___ with the electronics so this is what I like it’s because in this
group there’s so many collections and so many platforms to express your creativity.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

Swarovski: The process of the collection is quite similar to other brands. We start with an
inspiration, we do wood boards, we develop a colour palate, then we have the uniqueness to be
able to design our own crystal stones, so we design our own shapes, own colours, then we select
some materials, leathers, other materials that we could fit with crystal and then we design the
different products the variation of colours, we do the prototypes and the final collections. We have
different collections we have the haut couture collection, Danielle Swarovski with 85 different
accessories that are really exclusive in limited editions and are made by the best atelier in Paris
and then we have also the prêt a porte Swarovski collection where we have jewellery, bags, leather
goods, accessories in this collection.

Swarovski: I was watching TV, the French TV, and sexy Jude Law was interviewed and it was just
the day after we had the new President elected in France and the encore asked Jude Law oh, by the
way, did you heard, about the new President we have in France and Jude Law replied, oh, yes, of
course, Mr Swarovski instead of Mr Sancozi and the next minute I was watching TV I could not
believe that Mr Swarovski so we even you know got this super, super platform of communication
during Cannes which we did not expect.

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