The Fashion Folk S02 ep3 : Amanda Wakeley, Wakeley Fashion, [State]

Interview with Amanda Wakeley

She is a mirror of the women she aims to dress with an innate understanding of the confident, glamorous clothes they need. As her labels impressive A list clientele proves - Scarlett Johansson, Mischa Barton and Sarah Michelle Gellar are amongst her many fans. She has won the British Fashion Award for Glamour three times in the past. With new backers she has moved her production to China and India.


0 :54 Metaxas : How do you see yourself Amanda? Do you see yourself as a fashion
designer, as a stylist as a...

Amanda Oh no absolutely as a fashion designer

Metaxas What does that mean to you

Amanda That means creating two beautiful collections a year that may get delivered in
three of four different drops of beautiful modern womens clothing.

Amanda as a designer you are a sponge. you are constantly looking for inspiration
everywhere. You cannot help yourself even on holiday, you are just absorbing whether it is
architectures, texture, pebbles on the beach and whatever it is and you filter that down

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Amanda You create a mood for the collection. You get inspiration, for this collection it
was very much from the watercolours of Rodan and just his layering of colour and the way
he draws the female form and just that and you know movement around the body

Metaxas Actually this show most of the designers are not from the traditional methods
of design ! Is there something happening that we dont know about ??

Amanda No I dont think so, I literally made clothes since I was big enough to reach
the foot of my mothers sewing machine, so I think its.....

Metaxas What did you end up doing then at school did you train..

Amanda No No No I went through the schooling system and then I went off to
American and then I worked within the fashion industry but no designing per say

Metaxas One of the things I've noticed you tend to make things look gorgeous that is
an art in itself

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Amanda That is really important to me I think a woman should feel really gorgeous in
my clothes and that is I love to line clothes in silk satin, so that when someone puts a jacket
on they feel it, it is just delicious you know they feel gorgeous they feel sexy they feel
looked after

metaxas is that part of the whole process for you?

Amanda That is part of my ethos very much, making a woman feel gorgeous. Whether
it is the cut, making her feel sexy, making her feel sensual, making her feel smaller than
she is, accentuating her good points

amanda you know my ideal woman maybe an actress, but she maybe a woman
who works in the city - It is more an approach top dressing, an approach to style. She
wants to look glamorous she wants expensive and luxuruious and in beautifully cut and
beautifully made clothes that are fashionable without being consuming in fashion.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

metaxas I have noticed so far this week these last few days, it is a very sobre
approach to fashion, people can actually wear these clothes. it was different five years ago
when I was doing fashion week. The last thing you could imagine was people wearing
clothes like these

Amanda You probably haven't seen enough clothes then yet

metaxas That is probably what it is.... but tell me is it a bit more sobring times that we
live in?

Amanda I think that there is a commericality that has crept in... people see that you
can actually make very good money out of fashion too but I dont think that there is a
particular sobrering of fashion.

metaxas Where do you go from here, do you see yourself going in to , like my friend
Bruce Oldsfield, into interiors

Amanda Yes you know I am doing a little bit of that, and I have done a fine jewellery
collection, and we are now looking at doing bags etc.

Metaxas ??

Amanda Yes exactly

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales


Metaxas Is it a tough job being in the fashion business

Amanda I love it.No two days are ever the same, I am always onto the next thing, it is

Metaxas Are you doing shows else where or just London

Amanda No just in London at the moment

Metaxas You look towards these other markets like Paris New York...

Amanda Oh absolutely and looking to opening franchise stores, perhaps in the middle
east and perhaps in Russia too.

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