The Fashion Folk S02 ep7 : Bora Aksu, Aksu Fashion, [London]

Interview with Bora Aksu

Turkish born Aksu graduated from Central St Martins MA in 2002 starting his own label immediately. He has previously been awarded New Generation sponsorship four times. In the past he has worked with Converse incorporating aspects of the popular sneakers into his clothes. He has collaborated with ballet choreographer Cathy Marston designing costumes for her TCMP tour. He also designs an exclusive diffusion line for the retail group Koton called 'Bora Aksu for Koton'.


Aksu: This show was basically a … ride with going through villages and towns and weddings
around the world so I kind of look into all these different wedding and … areas, it was in Turkey, it
was in India, it was in Africa, all these, how they actually use the colour and the bride is not
actually colourness, but the bride actually is in lots of different colours so I think it’s just kind of
like this whole having a wedding dress in white, … wanted to kind of get away from that, they
wanted to use all these deep colours and it’s a celebration more than like a wedding.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Aksu: I’m from Turkey. I think it influenced me greatly really, not merely in a kind of … way but
in a way that it’s actually comes because it’s part of me I think it just kind of reflects on my
designs … but I try not to do it intentionally but it just happens because I think I’m Turkish and I
come with a culture with me so I carry that so that’s how I think it all reflects.

Aksu: I think I try to use the whole techniques to create the form rather than to go on the dress like
because I try to kind of get away the whole decoration idea, just create, try to create form, more
like a structure concept than you just see the techniques where you want to use them in a way that
how you can create a dress.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

When the women are walking it has another movement too, and the movement is three
dimensional, it’s not two dimensional. Was that intentional or was that just dumb luck?

Aksu: No it was intentional and it’s been I think carrying on since my first collection to just create
that 3D and try to get away from I think because the world is kind of becoming very flat and very
predictable, so I try to create garments that actually offer something more than just clothes.


Jewellery Theatre Elements

Aksu: Living here which is coming from Turkey and these different cultures clashing, I think it’s
really important in the sense of creativity because I think creativity can’t be one dimensional, it
has to come from so many different elements and I think coming from that background and just
living here for so long I mean London in itself has got so many different cultures already, just
being alive and clashing together all the time, so I think it’s been so inspirational to yeah, have

Aksu: I may need, I think drape on the dummy and then but I also like mixing them with the flats
so it’s like technical but also kind of because the draping brings you freedom and then you find out
shapes that you can actually never find out through the normal events.

Normal drawing.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales


Aksu: Yeah, so I try to balance both together but it’s kind of nice to have a draped piece with a
simple men’s classic shirt for example, I like that contrast.

Aksu: We have like this one special request from this Princess from a Saudi Arabian country and it
was about making this horse dress, like placing a horse on a dress and that was kind of like three
seasons ago and this was for a twelve year old princess and they wanted it in pink because it was in
my actual collection, there was a little horse as a necklace, they wanted it in pink we couldn’t do

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