The Fashion Folk S02 ep8 : Christophe Guillarme, Guillarme Fashion, [State]

Interview with Christophe Guillarme

Graduate of the Higher School of the applied arts, Christophe carries out a successful initiatory course at J.C. de CASTELBAJAC, Dice KAYEK and Stella CADENTE. In 1998, Christophe signs his first collection which meets with an immediate success. He then launches his line under his own name one year later. The work of Christophe is at crossroads between modern and tradition. Conservative in his creative process and in the refinement of the details, his models are versatile and successfully mix Glam' Rock and couture. An ultra feminine style which has already caught the eye of many celebrities from Paris to Los Angeles as well as Cannes.


Guillarme: I’m Christoff Guillarme, 28 years old, French fashion designer. I am one of the
upcoming designers in Paris actually on the French scene for fashion.

Guillarme: I prefer to be more affordable and be more close to peoples so that’s why I’m not part
of the couture stuff, it’s like very sexy, very dramatic, very lot of colours, colourful. There are
sometimes the people they say they are more Italian style than the French.

Guillarme: I used to live in the South of France, near by Cannes, so I’m used to like very vibrant
style, very sexy girls and a lot of beading and a lot of prints and all that so that’s quite part of my
culture in a way.

Guillarme: I always wanted to be part of fashion scene and it’s quite like a, I don’t know how to
say that but it’s really out of me, like there was no question about it.

Do you think there’s anything that particularly inspires you?

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Guillarme: I think it’s the fabrics you know like touching fabrics and thing like out falls and drapy
things, I don’t know it’s like you love draping you love like fabrics, embroidery, and you are like
amazed by that so very young age. I study at the … this is the only French public school that,
where you can learn fashion in Paris, so it’s very difficult to enter because all the others you must
pay a lot of money to enter and this one is not, it’s free though so everyone wants to enter it.

Guillarme: I guess we have to be a little bit crazy to try to like have our own voice inside of a very
complicated world now the New York scene is quite like booming and also Milan is like very
strong market so I guess it’s very cool to have like independent designers that can be like propose
something else. We don’t need like a lot of money to express ourselves and to try to find
something that is strong and that is like new and different from the very big houses and this is like
what I’m trying to do.

Guillarme: There is a special spirit in Paris and it’s always like very, very it’s before the trends.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Guillarme: To be a French designer in Paris for the French people that it means nothing, but for
everywhere else in the world, worldwide, it’s very like French designer so all the people they are
like we, there is more respect because you are coming from Paris. So this is also why maybe Paris
is like a good city to be settled.

Guillarme: I have worked with John … Jacque at the Press Office like 10 or 12 years ago when I
was very young, so I learned a lot because he have very strong colours and he have like coats that
quite very, important for him and very strong that gives the look of the, because it’s a very special
look, so I learned a lot about communication and everything from him. And after I worked with a
Turkish designer called … Kayek and she’s part also of the fashion week and she learned me a lot
of the embroideries and because she is like Turkish so she loved like embellishment and all that.
So this is like something she has given to me. And I work also with Stella Cadons which is also a
designer part of the fashion week and she has like more fairy tales, fairy tale scenes and this was
like the feminine part of my work maybe.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

Guillarme: First of all I’m trying to put something very fun on the stage, I’m trying to get like the
most like amazing pieces you can ever see, there’s no way of putting commercial things on the
runway, I guess we have to build very strong, and very powerful, so that’s why it’s like very high
seats, very open, it’s a little bit like too much, but in a way, and all the people at the end of the
show they were saying, oh, we can wear it, so I say ah bon, oh my gosh, okay and so it was like
that so it was the most successful pieces are always the more amazing ones because they want to
wear it, because I guess people they are bored about everything they see, it’s like you’re so
competitive that when they see something very new they can like proceed but if it’s like very
normal and usual they don’t want, there is plenty in the market.

Guillarme: For my last winter show at the end of the show the closure was by Victoria Shiftes so
she’s a playmate with like a beautiful body, boobs amazing, everything she have like and she was
like 180 and she arrived just one, two or three minutes before the show. She was coming out from a
TV show so she was like beautiful as usual but she wants to have the hairdresser, they were out at
the backstage so there was no hairdresser, there was no light on the, because the make up artist
they were turned off the lights so there is cameras come with the light and she was like making the
make up with the light of the camera, it was like so funny. And she was more stressed than me.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales


Guillarme: Each season there is less stress. I don’t know why, but we are, because maybe we know
that there will be plenty of problems and after we know how to deal with it and we are like okay, I
don’t know why but we will find a solution and this is like maybe the best, the best thing because
after that you say that, ah well anyway we find a solution at the end so you don’t care. And this is
like crazy.

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