The Fashion Folk S03 ep10 : Victoria Kyriakidis, Kyriakidis Fashion, [Athens]

Interview with Victoria Kyriakidis

Victoria Kyriakides created her first collection in 1988. SInce then she boasts 34 personal collections and 16 years of creative presence in the industry. The Victoria Kyriakides label was founded in 1995. Her pret-a-porter deluxe collections are featured in boutiques all around Greece, Cyprus and London. In addition, she designs collections for some of the best known labels in the Greek industry as well as for advertising campaigns of major international companies. Since 2000 she has focused mainly on haute-couture. "I design and get my inspiration from nature, life and the beauty every woman radiates", says Victoria. Each one of her designs are unique and different. Based on each womans' personality and femininity she creates small works of art.


When I was very, very young I started creating my own small skirts and dresses for the dolls and I
have it til now and my daughter plays with them.

Now when I was 18 the market was very poor here in Greece, the clothes were only for practical
reasons, you couldn’t find clothes to make fashion.

People here like simple clothes but usually casual brands, Simpleland or Trussadi or … but you
couldn’t find clothes to make a statement in fashion, to be different.

When I started my own small boutique I couldn’t find any clever clothing so I had to design it. I
think up with other four shop owners and we started a brand called Industrial Blue, it was a very
famous name. This was the big school for me.

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I did what I knew better, to design and it was a successful company but after five years with this
team I wanted to move on in fashion so I started my own brand Victoria Kyriakidis, and from club
wear I continued with prêt a porter deluxe.

These here, the music scene, was hungry for new ideas.

I started working in the centre of Athens because Greece is in the middle of the road so for Europe
and Asia and Africa and everything so it was easy for me to find nice fabrics and nice accessories
to embellish the result.

So I started by working and try to find what it was hidden and then I guess I visited sometimes the
premiere vision but you know I couldn’t make there what I wanted because it was only three days
and so many fabric companies.

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I couldn’t work like this, I wanted the simple fabrics so I create the different because if I have a
very extraordinary fabric with Swarovsky this kind of stuff I’m not bored.

I tried to make the architecture with drapes with layers with things that you can do with your hands
and then when the clothes is ready you say oh yes it’s a different clothes.

This collection if I had to put a title I would put Wrap Me or Hug Me.

I inspired from the buildings from the city because I’m a child of the city I was born in the centre
of Athens and I live in the centre of Athens.

For other collections I always have a theme. Maybe I see my theme in the holidays, in the Greek
Island in a … in an object that I just see here that we’re speaking just beside you so they come
from everywhere from objects from everywhere.

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With people are ready now for any fresh idea. They take it and they want it.

If we’re talking for Greek market, big family brands, trying to steel your idea and copy it, and
they’re not interested of invest in established designer they want to steel from you what they think
that is going to sell, to make good sales for them.

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The Hellenic Fashion Designers Society we start, 16 designers, I was one of them, I think we felt
this association the scene won’t be strong enough.

I love when I have the opportunity to design for other stuff, not fabrics, not clothes, I just design
the interior for suite in Athens fashion hotel of … big group of hotels here in Greece.

If you are a designer you are an artist so I couldn’t I couldn’t say that I’m the one without the
other. It goes together.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Victoria Kyriakidis, Kyriakidis Fashion, Athens