The Fashion Folk S03 ep11 : Krug, 8, [Serbia]

Interview with Krug

Belgrade based fashion designer consortium including a Milliner, Architect and Leathergoods Designer.


Krug8 is a circle of six women, not eight, that are connected with a similar story in fashion and we
are making all parts of clothes, we are doing shoes, hats, bags and three designers of clothes.

Eight as well has a symbolic sign, eternity, so it’s not really based on the number of the designers,
it’s actually something that we wanted to emphasise that the design and art itself has to renew
itself all the time.

We are all friends for a long time and it is mainly economical reasons, however it’s also easier not
only to share expenses but to you know get some goods like the materials that we use we can share
sometimes. We all have our own established careers still, it’s no problem so we work as our own
labels and we also work as circle 8 when we present ourselves on some fashion shows.

We all have influence from the west, most of us from England and New York that’s main line but
also we live in part of the world where you can all influence from East (something in between) so
we are in between.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

We are a very fashion conscious nation. They like to have something that’s really in at the moment
however that doesn’t exclude something else I mean they like independent fashion as well.

I strongly believe that today it’s like renaissance like especially because you have computers and
everything. If you have a sense for art you can express it through fashion or through architecture or
through designing some objects so with so many designers are designing you know furniture
fashion designers who are designing cars and vice versa and I think it’s good it’s very good.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

The University of Architecture is fantastic for giving you the basic principals of you know
proportion for everything texture and design, it’s very good.

I finish the costume designer in Belgrade and then I went to St Martins in London to study
designing shoes and that’s what shoes are my

Jewellery Theatre Elements

Fashion is the way for the ordinary people to show their artistic abilities, every body think that
they have something artistic in themselves and fashion is the way for the normal person to describe
their self in a way. The way the people want to recognise them. The girls now they all try to be the
same, they all have the same hair, they all wear the same jeans and the same shoes and actually
this is something that our generation where we actually the music is the same now everything
became so similar, you can’t even say which country it came from because I mean the Swedish
band would sing the same they look like English band or it’s just not how the things are supposed
to be. Well I think that the versatility is good we have to see different kind of stuff not to copy
everybody else, that’s the main thing just to try to find in yourself what you want to express.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

The strangest thing that happened to us was at last show that we have in Belgrade in Serbia and we
were almost ready to start when the manager of the club where the show’s supposed to be says
everything is cancelled we must leave everything you must go there won’t be show and the public
was there already people were here.

Kostas: You’re joking, what happened?

Well … I know really it was awful. Yes, no it was awful and we negotiated and it happened.