The Fashion Folk S03 ep11 : Lukas, Lukas Fashion, [Athens]

Interview with Lukas

Jewellery Theatre was established in Moscow in 1998. Everything started from an unexposed jewellery studio and after eleven years the company has indeed turned into an internationally rated trademark. However, to achieve this you will need a team of like-minded persons ? partners and employees, who would live the life of your brand 25 hours day and night. I was lucky since I always had such people around. Currently, our jewellery house has two brands. One of them, Jewellery Theatre, represents 12 permanent jewellery collections, while the other, Maxim Voznesensky, is a sort of emperor lodge of our ?theatre? and offers exclusive pieces in single copies only.


The first thing I had in mind was to be an artist.

There is something magic in fashion for me. It’s the whole procedure that I really love. To share
textile somewhere and you have the feeling that these textiles which is just the clothes we can do it
something you know superb or really amazing and anything you want to do you can do it in


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I was more influenced by designers like Christian Dior it was the first book I had for fashion in my
house. I was kind of lost in the pages, it was really magic you know it’s just like another world to

I love all these imagination all these amazing gowns, all those couture things all these
extravaganza, that is fashion for me, the drama you know.



Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

There are a lot of people who are doing a really good job here you know very good collections
either in quality or about the design thing only. I want to do something that is more international
that can bring a lot of people from different cultures and countries to see my … and understand the
same thing.

The first touch if I want to say about how I begun it was a competition, I had postponed to the
fashion for a little while then came that competition they wanted to take a vintage clothes and
make it really up to date you know to be really hot really trendy and that was really interesting for
me and it seems that they really like it so I won there and that was the first day that I thought that
maybe you know there is a talent there.


Jewellery Theatre Elements

Sometimes around 2, 3 o’clock in the night I am still awake and working and so I’m kind of really
tired you know and I’m saying oh it was a good day though, I really love that madness and these
all this stress you get into I love that.

I like to do things you know unexpectable. Something really unexpectable. Sometimes I start
working on something an idea and then seeing that this while I am working that it’s really
transformed and going to something else that is more to me it’s more impressive or it’s something
I wouldn’t expect even myself. I always want to do something that is really different, has a very,
very, very clear identity.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

The start of my collection always is more Parisian in a way sometimes it’s more about couture like
it was in March, it was a kind of mini collection but prêt a porter not so much it was kinds of red
carpet thing, really difficult for Greece as a style because we don’t have red carpets very often
here. This one is more prêt a porter.

To become a fashion designer in Greece it’s really more difficult than if you were in Paris or
London because you have more difficulties in your everyday life around the fashion industry. You
have to be really mad about that to do it. In Paris because you have been there and have done some
courses there after the fashion school here, it’s the whole atmosphere that gives you if you are an
artist or something that gives you the inspiration that gives you the mood to do it. Here it’s really

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